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View of V-Mail with drawing and text conveying Seasons Greetings from China Burma India graphic. "Seasons Greetings" from S/Sgt 'Dick' Arbogast, sent by V-Mail in December 1943.

Backs of 16th CCU cameramen riding tiny Chinese horses along path through grassslands on side of small hills. In February 1944, 16th CCU cameramen riding tiny Chinese horses as they trek toward the mountain's near Yaokwan, China. Mountains which must be crossed in their search for the crash sight of a Japanese Zero reportedly shot down near Niuwang, China.

Men hold on as wind blows into open parachute. Also in Feb '44, 16th CCU personnel examined a captured Japanese parachute provided by Chinese peasants. They found it was smaller than a U.S. 'chute, and very shoddy in workmanship.
Close view of parachute pack and related harness.

Photo showing several men in U.S. Army uniforms, generally facing the viewer while sitting or standing in an apparently large room and looking toward something beyond the right shoulder of the viewer. Three men are the key figures, as the photo centers on front of a seated man of medium build with slightly receding hairline, in uniform featuring an unzipped, leather bomber jacket with China-Burma-India insignia on the left shoulder. He is wearing 1940s-style headset ear phones with his left hand within an open, medium-sized equipment case, presumably containing sound recording equipment. On our left, behind this man's right shoulder, is a slim young man in wire-frame glasses, standing behind and operating a large motion-picture camera on a tripod stand. Just to the right and slightly behind him, almost directly behind the first man, stands a third man of medium size, wearing an open bomber jacket.  Although it is not apparent that he is doing anything, photo annotation indicates he is the director.  Other men sit on bench seats to either side and behind the three key figures. March 1, 1944 a 16 CCU camera crew film Paulette Goddard's performance at a base in China. They are, left to right, S/Sgt Anthony C. DeLucenay,cameraman; 1Lt. Lloyd D. Wiler, sound recorder; and 1Lt. Howard W. Pennebaker, director.

Letter envelope showing return address from Sgt Wayne Coffin. APO 212 NY Envelope of letter sent by Sgt Wayne Coffin from APO 212, Yangkai, China.

  T/Sgt Harold E. 'Hal' Geer diligently photo-documented the efforts taken at Kweilin prior to its evacuation to deny the enemy use of the runways or facilities.
His efforts were reported in "CBI Roundup", 3 Oct 1944 issue.

Sergeants Gendler, Gough and Campbell pose for a 'snapshot' near Hostel at Kunming, China.

  T/Sgt Harold Geer watches the inquisitive Chinese crowd in Nanning, China as 1Lt. Herbert G. Johnson, a motion picture cameraman and 16th CCU Aerial Photography Officer, documents the activity during the evacuation of the city.

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