This roster was created from names mentioned in 16th CCU official history summaries which had been microfilmed and were on file at Air Force Historical Records Archive at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama.  In a few cases no first name was found. When mentioned in the records, we have included the individual's duty title and other information. As new or additional information is acquired it will be posted.

Name Rank Duty Comment
Allen, Merlin R. 1Lt Aerial Photographer Missing in action after bailing out of C-47 of 322nd Troop Carrier Squadron taking ground fire near Liuyang, China. OSS report later stated he had been captured. Japanese sources reported Allen was enroute to Japanese HQ at Hengyang by train on 2 July, he was severely injured in derailment when explosion blew out tracks and some cars. Reportedly died 16 July at Changha.
Arbogast, Richard D. S/Sgt Aerial Combat Photographer On assignment aboard B-24 of 373rd Bm Sq which had landed at Lingling, China, after completing sweep of South China Sea, when weather prevented landing at Kweilin. Next morning, 28 May 1944, on return flight to Kweilin the plane crashed ten minutes after take off at approximately 17:00 hours, 60 miles northeast of Kweilin on the railroad. Airplane completely destroyed, all crew members killed. Cause of crash unknown.
Arnold, Joseph F. S/Sgt Motion Picture Film Processer  
Artsis, Jerome M. Capt Aerial Photographer / Commander (4th)  
Barrows, George R. S/Sgt    
Blair, Leonard Maj   Attached to 16 CCU.
Braithwaite, William W. Cpl Aerial Photographer  
Buttle, Robert L. 1Lt Adjutant (3rd)  
Campbell, Blaine D. S/Sgt Aerial Photographer  
Cannon, Carl K. S/Sgt Aerial Combat Photographer / Motion Picture Photographer 11th Bm Sq B-25 hit by ground fire during low-level attack on river gunboats, crashed and exploded three miles south of Kiukiang, 10 Jan 44. Sole survivor, Cannon was taken prisoner. Repatriated October 1945.
Cline, Wilfred M. Major Commander (1st) / Aerial Photographer Was sent to USA on temporary duty for sixty-day period to complete the "China Crisis" motion picture. Orders were changed and he was transferred to 18th AAFBU (relabled F.M.P.U.) in April 45.
Coffin, Wayne S/Sgt    
Cohen, Aaron Sgt Aerial Photographer  
Collier, Herbert W. S/Sgt Supply Technician  
Cox, Kenneth A. S/Sgt Aerial Combat Photographer Died from injuries inflicted on 18 Jan 45 when 11th Bm Sq B-25 made a "hot" approach at Chihkiang, China, landing about three quarters of the way down the runway, ran off the end of the main runway and went over a 60 foot precipice.
Dale, Stewart B. 1Lt Aerial Photography Officer Original primary duty - Still Photographer
DeLucenay, Anthony C. T/Sgt Aerial Combat Photographer Original '1st Sergeant' prior to being in Detachment, first group in China. Second member of CCU to fly on combat mission.
Eifling, Martin H. Sgt Aerial Combat Photographer  
Feldman, Howard S/Sgt   Arrived 16 Aug 44, on Detached Service from 12th Service Group
Fleming, Thomas Capt Adjutant (2nd) / Commander (3rd) Received from 35th Recce Squadron. Transferred to HQ 14th Air Force for post war position in China.
Geer, Harold E. 2Lt Combat Camerman Assigned as Sergeant May 43, promoted multiple times to T/Sgt. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in Jan 45.
Gendler, Louis J. S/Sgt   MIA. He was aboard a 425th BS B-24 performing a sweep over South China Sea on 20 May 44. For reasons unknown the plane was seen to crash into the sea. All eleven of the crew remain missing.
Gerland, ? 1Lt   Promotion to 1Lt. reported in May 45 History.
Gimbel, ? Sgt Clerk-Typist Briefly assigned in July '45, transferred to HQ 14th Air Force.
Gough, William A. S/Sgt Aerial Photographer 40 combat missions, 220 combat flying hours
Grostick, James D. Sgt Camera Repairman  
Gutsell, Robert Cpl   Transferred to F.M.P.U. prior to 16 CCU's July 42 deployment.
Hale, Thadford Sgt Film Editor On temporary duty from 12th Service Group, prior to permanent assignment.
Hechtlinger, F. 1Lt Aerial Combat Photographer Originally assigned as Still Photographer, Jun 43.
Heinrich, Walter A. S/Sgt Camera Technician / Repairman  
Hillger, Martin F. Sgt Clerk-Typist Transferred to HQ 14th Air Force in Sep 45.
Hilliard, Eugene E. Pfc   Transferred to F.M.P.U. in July 43 due to medical prohibition on overseas duty.
Hyman, Paul S/Sgt   Transferred to 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Aug 45.
Johnson, Herbert G. Capt Aerial Photography Officer Original primary duty - Motion Picture Cameraman. Air Medal and DFC for combat flying hours.
Jones, Thomas W. 1Lt Aerial Photography Officer Original primary duty - Motion Picture Cameraman
Kain, A. L. S/Sgt    
Kaufman, Jules A. S/Sgt First "Supply Sergeant", Aerial Photographer  
Klock, John E. S/Sgt Aerial Photographer 150 combat flying hours.
Konieczny, Joseph T. 2Lt Still Photographer Original primary duty - Still Photographer. Transferred to F.M.P.U. prior to overseas deployment.
Lassak, Stanley Cpl Aerial Photographer Received from 35th Recce Squadron, Dec 44.
Lavalle, Edward J. Pvt Sound Technician  
Lefferts, Clifford M. Sgt Aerial Photographer  
Lowe, Sam W. S/Sgt    
Lowy, Rennold L. 1Lt Aerial Photographer Transferred to 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Aug 45.
Mallette, Louis Pvt   Transferred to CACW photo lab, April 45.
Mann, Zane B. Sgt Photographer Transferred to 11th Bomb Squadron upon his personal request, Jan 44.
Morat, Elliot Cpl Photo Lab Transferred to 91st Fighter Squadron photo lab, June 45.
Morrison, Herbert (NMI) S/Sgt Aerial Photographer Returned to U.S. Sep 44, with 158 combat flying hours.
Moscow, Walter Pvt Clerk-Typist Transferred to China Air Service Command, Aug 44, upon his personal request.
Nicklin, A. B. Capt Aerial Photography Officer Placed on permanent medical limited service, transferred to F.M.P.U., Aug 44.
Pennebaker, Howard W. Maj Adjutant (1st) / Commander (2nd) Became second Commander, in April 45.
Plotkin, Sidney Sgt Photographer Received from 118th TacRecce Squadron, Dec 44; transferred back Aug 45.
Rainwater, Frank L. Pvt Camera Repairman Transferred to 4th Photo Tech Unit GSAP lab, April 45.
Reddish, Edward F. Cpl Aerial Photographer Arrived 16 Aug 44, on Detached Service from 12th Service Group; then permanently assigned. Returned USA Sep 45.
Roberts, John R. Sgt Aerial Photographer / NCOIC Camera Supply Ordered to Officer Training in the US, Nov 43.
Rogister, William T/Sgt    
Schoonhoven, Selig Sgt Photo Lab Technician Assigned July 45.
Seidler, Selig Sgt Aerial Photographer Arrived 16 Aug 44, on Detached Service from 12th Service Group
Sigmier, Robert A. S/Sgt   Arrived 16 Aug 44, on Detached Service from 12th Service Group
Stewart, Walter H. Sgt   Arrived 16 Aug 44, on Detached Service from 12th Service Group; permanently assigned.
Stubsten, Kenneth O. T/Sgt Aerial Photographer Transferred to 172nd General Hospital prior to rotation to USA, Sep 45.
Tutwiler, Frank W. S/Sgt Aerial Photographer  
Wallin, Howard E. Pfc Photo Lab Technician Transferred to 4th Photo Tech Unit GSAP lab, April 45.
Walling, Harold T/Sgt   Arrived Aug 44 on Detached Service from 12th Service Group.
West, Guy C. T/Sgt   Returned to USA to attend Officer Candidate School, August 44.
Wiler, L. D. 1Lt Aerial Photography Officer Original duty Motion Picture Sound Technician. WWI veteran, returned to USA 20 June 44 for discharge based on age.
Wilson, Henry G. Sgt Photo Lab Technician? Medical evac just prior to Unit's return to USA.
Wu, Michael Civ Clerk-Typist Chinese civilian hired to assist with reports. Unknown what happened to him after Unit left China.