308th Bombardment Group (H)
China - Burma - India
Sep 1942 - Nov 1945

Momentoes of 308th Veterans
"Preserving the memory of their sacrifices!"

From The Past -   Momentoes, photos, posters and clippings related to 308th, the personnel, and their activities.   Contributors include Glenn A. Roberts and John Wedesky (373rd), Vernon Martin (374th & 373rd), Vernon Ashby & Phillip Grossman (374th), Lyndell T. Highley & Don E. Bresher (375th) and Roger W. Sidwell & Francis J Meaney (425th).

Following WW II, many USAAF aircraft ended up in 'boneyards' around the USA. Later these aircraft were cut up and melted down to recover the metals, especially aluminum, which they contained. Before they were lost to posterity, enterprising individuals took photos of the some of the nose art, and in some, fewer cases panels containing the nose art were cut from the aircraft before they were demolished. Christopher S. Trobridge, Collections Project Manager, of the American Airpower Heritage Museum, wants us to continue seeking information on panels which were cut from 308th Bomb Group and 7th Bm Grp aircraft. Click here for a nostalgic glimpse back.
Vernon Ashby, 374th Bomb Squadron

Jack J. Christensen, 373rd & 374th Bomb Squadrons    

Lee O. Cunningham (deceased), 425th Bomb Squadron

Robert X. Davenport (deceased), 375th Bomb Squadron    

Lyndell T. Highley, 375th Bomb Squadron

Vernon Martin, 374th & 373rd Bomb Squadrons (temporarily unavailable)

Glenn A. Roberts, 373rd Bomb Squadron

Roger W. Sidwell, 425th Bomb Squadron

Miscellaneous Momentoes   Images courtesy of John Wedesky, Don E. Bresher, Francis J Meaney, Philip Grossman, and other veterans.

Posters, advertisements and clippings:
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