308th Bombardment Group
1942 - 1945

308th Bm Grp Insignia

"     The bombardment functions of the organization are allegorically implied by the ability of the organization to grow, in spite of possible losses of some of its branches, and by the mythical head of the Gorgon Medusa, supposedly capable of overcoming all opposition.
    The oak tree denotes the strength of the organization and the numerical designation is indicated by the three branches, the zero formed by the shield and the eight leaves on each branch (308).
    The motto 'Percussus Resurgo' ( When Struck Down I Rise Again ) is suggested as being appropriate to the symbolism of the shield and to characteristics of the personnel. "

So reads the 8 Dec 1944 letter requesting the emblem be officially approved by the USAAF!

      Welcome to the our newest tribute to the men who served with expertise, dedication and honor in the 308th Bombardment Group, Fourteenth Air Force during World War II.

      Since Memorial Day 1998 various versions of these web pages have offered information, images and stories related to "Chennault's Forgotten Warriors" 1  were provided by the veterans (or their family members) who served with the '308th', or extracted from various records, books and journals.

      The current offerings were provided by the veterans (or their family members) who served with the '308th',
or extracted from:
"Chennault's Forgotten Warriors: Saga of the 308th Bomb Group in China"- Carroll V. Glines

"The Aluminum Trail"- Chick Mars,

"Combat Units of the US Army Air Forces in World War II"- Maurer Maurer,

"Combat Squadrons of the US Army Air Forces - World War II"- Maurer Maurer,

      We hope to continue adding more narrative descriptions of the actual activities of the unit, as well as more photos and personal stories.   If you can share information to be contained here, please post your information in one of these two places;

the "Army Air Forces Forums -- 308th Bomb Group portion."

the "308th Bomb Group on Facebook."

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