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Thanks to Glenn A. Roberts, 373rd Bomb Squadron for these images!

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 Tail gunner's view of a low-altitude bomb run by planes of the 374th Bomb Squadron.
(Courtesy of Glenn A. Roberts, 373rd Bomb Squadron)

 Chinese pagoda.
(Courtesy of Glenn A. Roberts, 373rd Bomb Squadron)

Glenn Roberts, raid-gunner, 373rd
Glenn Roberts posing with the .50 caliber waist gun, a position he manned during combat missions, when not operating the radios. Taken at Yangkai, China, May 1943.
(Courtesy of Glenn A. Roberts)

Glenn Roberts, with his crew, 373rd
Glenn Roberts and his crew.
l. to r. standing: Glen Thompson (bombardier), Dana Hill (pilot), Fred Day (asst. engineer), Glenn Roberts (radio-gunner)
l. to r. kneeling: Joe Duran (asst. radio), Ed Hilaski (tail gunner), Leon Wright (navigator), " A. T." Hill (engineer).
Missing from picture, Leonard Willer (copilot).

(Courtesy of Glenn A. Roberts)

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