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Thanks to Lee O. Cunningham, 425th Bomb Squadron for these images!

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Nightmare crew The crew of "Nightmare" (l-r, front); Lee Cunningham (n),
William McAffery (cp), John Shytle , Jay Levan (p);
(middle); Buce Ludwig (g), Lawrence Bowar (g), Charles Hemsley (e), Harry Niess (radar), (back); Edward Odom (radio) and Norm Lareau (g).
(Courtesy of Lee O. Cunningham, 425th Bm Sq)

Nimare, B-24L, 425th Bm Sqd
The "Nightmare", a shark-nosed B-24 of the 425th Bomb Squadron, 308th Bomb Group. This plane had already flown combat missions against German targets before being assigned to the 425th.
(Courtesy of Lee O. Cunningham, 425th Bm Sq)

Cunningham receives medal from Chennault Gen Chennault pins the 'Distinguished Flying Cross' on Lee Cunningham, navigator. The medal was awarded for performance on for Mission 212, Aug 19, 1944. His crew (pilot Jay E. LeVan) was flying in 42-100036 TENNESSEE BELLE on a sea sweep. They scored 4 direct hits in three passes on a 550 foot Japanese Navy cruiser, sinking it. As noted above, their "regular" plane was 42-63778 NITEMARE.
(Photo courtesy of Lee O. Cunningham, 425th Bm Sq)
(Additional information, Jack Gross.)

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