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Thanks to Roger W. Sidwell, 425th Bomb Squadron for these images!

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Taken from plane #248 when the 425th of the 308th hit Kowloon Docks in June '44.   Crew on #248 were Dougall McCallum (pilot), Roger W. Sidwell (co-pilot), Bernard Einson (bombadier), Bernard Kaufman (navigator), Joseph A. Shanahan (engineer), Evans Kranidas (radio), F. G. Morelli (tail-gun), Allen G. Henderson, (asst. engr.), Jack E. Mackay (nose-gun), John B. Townsend,Jr. (waist-gun).    Did you notice the 'Zero' in the highlighted circle just to the left and below of center?   WEll, here's an enhanced closeup!"
(Courtesy of Roger W. Sidwell)

McCallum's Crew
Taken next to our plane at Kunming, China in 1944; Dougall McCallum (pilot), Roger W. Sidwell (co-pilot), Bernard Einson (bombadier), Bernard Kaufman (navigator), Art Ralston (crew chief).
(Courtesy of Roger W. Sidwell)

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