--   341st Bomb Group Tribute   --
"Preserving the memory of their sacrifices!"


      The creation of our original web page, and now a '341st Bomb Group' web site, would not have occurred nor even have been possible without the encouragement, assistance and contributions of many people.

      It began simply enough. At least I thought it would be a simple process.... read a few books and articles.... find a couple of people and ask them a couple of questions.... and, with this naive, limited effort on my part, I would have the answers to my questions. "What questions?" you may ask, and I can provide a simple answer -- "What was the situation my father might have experienced during his time with the 491st Bomb Squadron of the 341st Bomb Group?" I was totally amazed to discover that it was not a simple question, nor were there simple answers!

      For I was to learn that the environment in which Dad was expected to perform his job was a very complex situation. And, that to have the smallest understanding of his situation, I had to view a much bigger perspective. One which included the creation of the 491st Bomb Squadron, the development of that unit, and the circumstances which led to its tasking and utilization. To gain any real insight into those factors, I must gain similar knowledge about the other Squadrons in the Group, and about the 341st Bomb Group itself. Fortune smiled on me....and provided a few chance encounters with some interesting, caring veterans. They talked with me on the telephone, corresponded with me by letter and email, and provided me with information and other contacts, as well as with documents, photos and digital images.

      Without them I would have ended my search way too early! Without them I would have learned little! Without them there would have been no tales to tell! Assuredly, without them more than fifty-five years ago, I would not have the freedom to share these things with you! My thanks to each and every one of the WWII veterans, especially those who served with the Squadrons of the 341st Bomb Group, for recognizing the need and for doing the job!! My memory of you will always be a part of my life, and you will always have a special place in my heart!!!

      It is impossible to name all of the people who have assisted with this project. And, for that I must apologize to many! The following veterans and family members were especially prominent in providing encouragement, information, and images related to the 341st Bomb Group, its Squadrons, aircraft, and personnel during their assignment in the China-Burma-India theater of World War II. I can not thank them enough for their efforts and contributions. Mere words seem insufficient. Perhaps the existence of this web site and the forthcoming "CD Book" will partly repay their kindness and generosity.

-- 490th Bomb Squadron --

Howard F. Bell - engineering officer 'Bob' Dethlefsen - pilot John Duke (dec.) - photo/tail gunner
Clyde Dyar (dec.) - line chief Joseph A. Pape (dec.) - navigator Don Harkins (dec.) - navigator
'Dick' Johnson (dec.) - pilot 'Ed' Schmidheini (dec.) - armament 'Sig' Krostue - adjutant
'Bert' Lee - crew chief
David Joyce (dec.) - crew chier
'Arnie' Spielberg - comm. chief
'Red' Fisher (dec.) - pilot
( courtesy of daughter, Susan, and grandsons )
Gari F. King (dec.) - pilot
( courtesy of son, Gari, Jr. )
'Bob' Jackson (dec.) - radio/gunner

-- 491st Bomb Squadron --

John F. Daley (dec.) - radio/gunner William 'Bill' De Vries (dec.) - eng. officer Alphonse I. Lodoveco - armorer/gunner
Frank W. Bates (dec.) - mechanic
( courtesy of daughter, Evelyn. )
Robert C Pettingell (dec.) - pilot
( courtesy of son, Robert )
William R. Trent (dec.) - pilot
( courtesy of son, John. )
  Eugene T. Wozniak (dec.) - armorer/gunner
( courtesy of nephew, Ken Easdon. )
Francis E. 'Ed' Strotman (dec.) - engineer/gunner

-- 22nd Bomb Squadron --

Will McDowell - pilot (dec.) Robert Lloyd - pilot (dec.) David Hayward - navigator

and last, but not least,
Barbara Vatter
A.R.C. nurse, Yangkai, China