Against The Rising Sun!
- Life and Times of the 341st Bomb Group (M) -

Air Transport Command Bases in CBI

Organization APO Location
1300th AAFBU 192 Rishra, India
1301st AAFBU (Reserve)
       Forward Echelon Headquarters
Rishra, India
Shanghai, China
1302nd AAFBU
      (India Wing Hq.)
885 New Delhi, India
1303rd AAFBU 884 Agra, India
1304th AAFBU 492 Barrackpore, India
1305th AAFBU 465 Dum Dum, India
1306th AAFBU 882 Karachi, India
1307th AAFBU 885 New Delhi, India
1308th AAFBU 881 Bombay, India
1309th AAFBU 491 Bangalore, India3
1310th AAFBU 432 Colombo, Ceylon
1311th AAFBU 630 Gaya, India
1311th AAFBU 630 Gaya, India
1325th AAFBU
      (Assam Wing Hq.)
629 Chabua, India
1326th AAFBU 431 Lalmanirhat, India
1332nd AAFBU 490 Mohanbari, India
1333rd AAFBU 629 Chabua, India
1337th AAFBU 467 Sookerating, India
1340th AAFBU 627 Kunming, China
1342nd AAFBU 272 Chanyi, China
1343rd AAFBU 430 Luliang, China
1345th AAFBU 433 Kurmitola, India
1346th AAFBU 433 Tezgaon, India
1347th AAFBU 219 Shamshernagar, India
1348th AAFBU 218 Myitkyina, Burma
1350th AAFBU
      (China Wing Hq.)
627 Kunming, China
1351st AAFBU
      (Bengal Wing Hq.)
433 Kurmitola, India
1352nd AAFBU
      (Search &Rescue)
490 Mohanbari, India
1353rd AAFBU 879 Chungking, China
1358th AAFBU 218 Bhamo, India
1363rd AAFBU 284 Liuchow, China
1364th AAFBU Canton, China
1365th AAFBU (M) 627 Kunming, China
1366th AAFBU (M) 430 Luliang, China
1367th AAFBU (M) 272 Chanyi, China
1369th AAFBU 290 Shanghai, China
1370th AAFBU 495 Shillong, India