Against The Rising Sun!
- Life and Times of the 341st Bomb Group (M) -


- From the pages of the 22nd Bomb Squadron Association Newsletter -

How many can YOU name (or have even heard) of the airfields that were used by the U.S. Army Air Force in China from 1942 to 1946?

Ankang Airfield Anshun Airfield Chang Ting Airfield (Peiping)
Chang Wah Airfield Chanyi Airfield Chaotung Airfield
Cheng Hsien Airfield Chen Kung Airfield Chen Yang Airfield
Chien-Ou Airfield Chien Yang Airfield (Kienyang) Chih Chiang Airfield (Chikiang)
Ching Chen Airfield Chui Chow Airfield (Laowhangpin) Chui Lung Pu Airfield
Chi-Ung-Lai Airfield (Chengtu) Chu-Hsiang Airfield (Tsuyung) Chingking Airfield
En Shih Airfield Erh-Tong Airfield (Kweilin) Feng-Hsiang Airfield
Fungwhangshan Airfield (Chengtu) Hanchung Airfield Hengyang Airfield (Hengchow)
Hsi Chiang Airfield Hsin Cheng Airfield Hsin Ching Airfield
Hsu Pu Airfield (Hsupuhsien) Hu Hsien Airfield Ipin Airfield (Ipin)
Kan Hsien (Kanchow) Kiang Airfield (Shanghai) Kienow Airfield
Klunglai Airfield Kuany Han Airfield (Kwangnan) Kunming Airfield
Laifeng Airfield Lan Tien Chang Airfield Laowhanpin Airfield
Li Chia Chen Airfield Liang Shan Airfield Ling Ling Airfield
Liuchow Airfield Loping Airfield Lu Hsien Airfield
Mentze Airfield Mien Yang Airfield Namyung Airfield
Nancheng Airfield Nanning Airfield Paise Airfield (Poseh)
Pai Shihi Airfield (Peishiyi) Paoching Airfield Peishiyi Airfield
Paoching Airfield Paoshan Airfield Pungchacheng Airfield
Shwangliu Airfield Sian Airfield (Hengchow) Sichang Airfield
Suichwan Airfield Suinning Airfield Tai Chia Airfield (Nanking)
Tan Chu Airfield (Tanchick) Tien Ho Airfield (Canton) Tu Shan Airfield (Tushan)
Wuchisze Airfield (Chengku) Yang Chiseh Airfield (Yangkai) Yang Tang Airfield (Kweilin)
Yunnanyi Airfield