10th Air Force
10th Air Force Insignia

1942 - 1945

Tenth Air Force     Created for air combat operations in India and Burma during WWII. In the years following WWII, Tenth AF served air defense and reserve training programs. Established as 10th AF 4 Feb 1942. Activated 12 Feb 1942 at Patterson Field OH, assigned to Air Force Combat Command. To New Delhi, India, 5 Mar 1942 and assigned to US Army Forces in CBI. Redesignated Tenth AF 18 Sep 1942. Assigned to USAAF, India-Burma Sector, 21 Aug 1943. To Barrackpore, India, 16 Oct 1943; to Belvedere Palace, Calcutta, India, 8 Jan 1944; to Kanjikoah, India, 20 June 1944. Assigned to USAAF, India-Burma Theater, 27 Oct 1944. To Myitkyina, Burma, 2 Nov 1944; to Bhama, Burma, 7 Feb 1945; to Piardoba, India, 15 May 1945; to Kunming, China, 23 June 1945. Assigned to USAAF, China Theater, 6 July 1945. To Liuchow, China, 9 Aug 1945; to Kunming, China, 25 Aug 1945; to Shanghai, China, 18 Oct 1945; to Fort Lawton WA 5 Jan 1946. Inactivated 6 Jan 1946.

      Constituted as Tenth Air Force on 4 Feb 1942 and activated on 12 Feb.   Moved to India, Mar-May 1942. Served in India, Burma and China until Mar 1943 when Fourteenth Air Force was activated in China.   Then the Tenth operated in India and Burma until it moved to China late in Jul 1945.   Returned to the US, Dec 1945-Jan 1946.

      Inactivated on Jan 1946.


Col Harry Halverson, 17 Feb 1942;

Maj Gen Lewis H Breeton, 5 Mar 1942;

Brig Gen Earl L. Naiden, 26 Jun 1942;

Maj Gen Clayton L. Bissel, 18 Aug 1942;

Maj Gen Howard C. Davidson, 19 Aug 1943,

Maj Gen Albert F Hegenberger, 1 Aug 1945-unk.

10th Air Force Units

  •   3rd Combat Cargo Group
      9th Combat Cargo Squadron
      10th Combat Cargo Squadron
      11th Combat Cargo Squadron
      12th Combat Cargo Squadron

  •   7th Bombardment Group (H)
      9th Bombardment Squadron (H)
      30th Bombardment Squadron (H)
      436th Bombardment Squadron (H)
      492nd Bombardment Squadron (H)
      493rd Bombardment Squadron (H)
      -- temporarily assigned in India until activation of 341st Bm Grp (M)
        11th Bombardment Squadron (M)
        22nd Bombardment Squadron (M)

  •   33rd Fighter Group
      58th Fighter Squadron
      59th Fighter Squadron
      60th Fighter Squadron

  •   80th Fighter Group
      88th Fighter Squadron
      89th Fighter Squadron
      90th Fighter Squadron
      459th Fighter Squadron

  •   311th Fighter Group
      385th Fighter Squadron
      528th Fighter Squadron
      529th Fighter Squadron
      530th Fighter Squadron

  •   341st Bombardment Group (transferred to 14th AF, Sep 43)
      11th Bombardment Squadron
      (attached- CATF May 42 - Sep 43; 68th Comp Wing, Sep 43 - Jan 45)
      22nd Bombardment Squadron
      490th Bombardment Squadron (attached to 10th AF, Sep 43 - Jan 45)
      491st Bombardment Squadron

  •   443rd Troop Carrier Group
      1st Troop Carrier Squadron
      2nd Troop Carrier Squadron
      309th Troop Carrier Squadron
      310th Troop Carrier Squadron
      315th Troop Carrier Squadron


Patterson Field, Ohio; 12 Feb-8 Mar 1942.
New Delhi, India, 16 May 1942;
Mytikyina, Burma, 2 Nov 1944;
Piardoba, India, 15 May 1945;
Kunming, China, 1 Aug 1945;
Liuchow, China, 9 Aug-15 Dec 1945;
Ft Lawson, Wash., 5-6 Jan 1945.