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( Allied Forces, U.S.Army, 10th & 14th Air Force )


"Preserving the memory of their sacrifices!"

Maj Gen Howard Davidson - 10th AF C.O. (left), Maj Gen Claire Chennault - 14th AF C.O. (center) and Lt Gen Dan I. Sultan - India-Burma Theater C.O. (right) look upward as a flight of 490th B-25s, led by Capt Ed Tengler (pilot) with Lt Don Harkins (nav), "pass in review", during the ceremonies officially opening the Ledo-Burma Road, 28 Jan 1945.
(Courtesy of Don Harkins - 490th Bomb Squadron )

In addition to the Commanders of the Tenth Air Force, the CATF and the Fourteenth Air Force, each of these men played some role in the activation, operation, support and/or utilization of the men and units of the 341st Bomb Group.

Brigadier General Clayton L. Bissel
Commander, Tenth Air Force ( Aug 42 - autumn 43)

Major General Lewis Brereton
Commander, Tenth Air Force (Mar 42) until he departed on/about 25 Jun 42, to command a major effort in the mid-east.

Brigadier General Howard C. Davidson
Commander, Tenth Air Force, autumn 43 - Dec 44.

Colonel Caleb V. Haynes
According to Colonel Robert L. Scott in his book, "God Is My Copilot", Col. Haynes was "one of the greatest big-ship pilots - the pilot in our Air Force who had devoted much of his life to making the four-engine bomber the weapon it is today." (ed.: as of 1943.)

Piloting a B-24 in March 1942, leading 12 B-17Es from the U.S., eastward to Karachi, he was in command of "Project Aquinas". 'Aquinas' was to bomb Japan from the West in conjunction with "Special Bomber Project No. 1", Doolittle's raid from the aircraft carrier 'Hornet.' The Project was cancelled about 13 Apr 42, with the planes transferred to Tenth Air Force control, when the Japanese captured all of the East China bases from which the missions against the Japanese homeland were to have been flown. In addition to Col Scot, Haynes also had Colonel Torgils G. Wold (first C.O. of the 341st Bm Grp) among the airmen assigned to this project.

Initially assigned as Commander of the Assam-Burma-China Ferry Command, and later as Commander of Bomber Command. He led several missions flown by the 11th Bm Squadron during the China Air Task Force days.

Brigadier General John Magruder
Head of the American Military Mission to China (AMMISCA) on 3 July 1941. Magruder was an officer with previous China experience.

Geneneral Thomas G. Hearn
Stillwell's Chief of Staff.

General Naiden
Briefly Commander of Tenth Air Force, between Gen. Brereton's departure and Gen. Bissel's assignment, then Chief of Staf - 10th Air Force.

General Joseph W. 'Vinegar Joe' Stillwell

General George E. Stratemeyer
Commander Army Air Forces India-Burma (1943-?)
Commander Eastern Air Command (Dec 1943-?); China Theater

General Daniel I. Sultan
Air Forces Chief of Staff to Stillwell.

Commander Army Air Forces, India-Burma Theater

Brigadier General Clinton D. 'Casey' Vincent
Commander, 35 Pursuit Group, with orders to the Phillipines when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Delayed in getting started. Lost several P-40 aircraft when ship carrying them was sunk by Japanese submarine. Philipines fell while unit was enroute, so they were re-directed to India, where Vincent was made Executive Officer Training Command at Karachi/New Malir. He continued in that capacity for several months. Meanwhile the 35th was disbanded.

In mid-September, he spent time with Col. Torgils Wold in getting the "new medium bomber group" organized. Later, he made several requests to join the group, and "get into combat."

Executive Officer/Operations Officer, China Air Task Force (early 1943). Commander, East China Task Force/68th Composite Wing. During his tenure in these positions, Col/Gen. Vincent was instrumental in planning and ordering most of the missions flown by the 11th Bm Sq, as well as those of the 491st when they moved to China with the 341st Bm Grp and were placed under his control.

General Albert C. Wedeymeyer
China Theater Commander, 1945

Lord Louis Mountbatten
Supreme Allied Commander Southeast Asia Command, 25 Aug 43.

General Sir Archibald Wavell
Supreme Commander, American-British-Dutch-Australian Forces (ABDA) in the Far East

Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek
Commander-in Chief of all Chinese Kuomintang (Nationalist) Forces, titular head of all Chinese forces, but not always obeyed by Communist Chinese commanders.

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