"Against The Rising Sun!"
- Life and Times of the 341st Bomb Group (M) -

Miscellaneous Data

'Glip' Bombing
A combination of glide and skip bombing, developed first by members of the 490th for their extremely effective attacks on bridges, which led to the 490th's nickname "Burma Bridge Busters". The method was subsequently used by all squadrons of the 341st Bomb Group, earning them praise and accolades for their successful, efficient destruction of bridges.

Combat Crew Kit
Representation of the Shipping ticket provided to Robert LLoyd, pilot with the 22nd, of the aircrew equipment he was provided prior to departing Charleston, SC, for India in 1943.

Air Corps Job Assignments
Crew Positions and other Job Assignments of the men were identified by a number as well as a name. The numbers were called their Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS. Though there were hundreds of MOSs, the most common for Air Crews and Bombardment Groups are listed here.

Airfields in China

US Army Air Forces Ribbons - WW II
A graphic display of the ribbons awarded during the World War II eras.

  USAAF Aircraft in the CBI
Photo scans of many aircraft types which operated in the CBI during WW II.

Air Transport Command Bases in CBI

Codenames for Japanese Aircraft

Nicknames of WW II era aircraft