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491st Bomb Squadron
Personnel Roster
1942 - 1945

Names of 22nd Bomb Squadron members (1942-45) were presented in their book, "Eagles, Bulldogs and Tigers: History of the 22nd Bm Sqdn in China-Burma-India".
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The Squadron Personnel are listed in lastname, firstname order!
Men who flew the "Tokyo Raid" with Doolitte have an asterisk (*) behind their duty title.


Abbey, James N.		T/Sgt	Aircraft Maint
Abeel, Robert S. Jr 	Cpl	Engineer-Gunner	.	 KIA 28 Sep 45 with 27th TCS
Adkins, Elijah L	S/Sgt	Engineer-Gunner
Adler, Robert M		S/Sgt	Orderly Room Clerk
Affronti, Salvatore A. 	S/Sgt	Aerial Gunner
Aiken, Robert L		T/Sgt	Administrative NCO
Akey, J.C.		S/Sgt	Engineer-Gunner
Albrecht, Leo J		Sgt	Air Operations
Alderman, George S	S/Sgt	Aerial Gunner
Alexander, Marvin M	1/Sgt	First Sergeant
Allen, Dale T		1Lt	Engineering Officer
Allen, William W. Jr	Sgt	Engine Mechanic
Allers, Howard C	Capt	Pilot		.	POW 25 Oct 42, recovered Sep 45
Allison, Carroll W	S/Sgt	Aerial Gunner	
Alston, Raymond L	Sgt	Engineer-Gunner	
Altman, Walter		S/Sgt	Aerial Gunner	.	 KIA 18 Mar 44
Alton, William J	2Lt	Pilot		.	 KNB 12 JAn 43
Amann, John R		Capt	Pilot	
Amelunke, Walter C	Capt	Pilot	
Anderle, George J	Pfc	Propeller Mechanic	
Anderson, Charles D	S/Sgt	Aerial Photo-Gunner	
Anderson, Elmer K	T/Sgt	Radio-Gunner	
Anderson, Herbert L 	Cpl	Radio CNS	
Anderson, John G	Sgt	Airplane Armorer	
Anderson, Norman C 	Capt	Pilot	
Anderson, Richard R 	F/O	Pilot	
Anderson, Thomas N 	1Lt	
Andrada, Stephen	Sgt		
Andress, Harvey M	Sgt	Air Crew Member	
Anton, Sid E		Sgt	Weather Observer	
Arbuckle, Alexander L 	Pvt	Truck Driver	
Archambault, Louis E 	T/Sgt	Radio-Gunner	
Arther, William C	Maj	Combat Intelligence 
Artz, Vernon W		S/Sgt	Radio-Gunner	
Ashley, Frank M		Sgt	Maintenance Tech	
Askew, Donald C		1Lt	Pilot	
Asson, Edward		Cpl	Aerial Gunner	
Austin, Daniel S	T/Sgt	Radio-Gunner	
Aylward, Robert A	1Lt	Intelligence / Provost Marshall
Ayoub, Joe	.	S/Sgt	Aerial Gunner

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Babb, Richard C 1/Sgt Intelligence NCO Bacher, Andrew A S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Baggett, Horace G Bair, William D 1Lt Nav-Bomb Baird, John S Cpl Baisden, Charles W M/Sgt Aerial Gunner Baker, Burdette H 2Lt Pilot . died as POW, 19 Nov 44 Baker, E.R. Aircraft Maint Baker, Fred E M/Sgt Aircraft Maint Baker, Lee C 1Lt Pilot Baldanza, Joseph A 2Lt Nav-Bom . KNB 26 Jan 44 Baldue, Gerald R T/Sgt Radio-Gunner . KIA 10 Mar 45 Ball, Bernard J Cpl Radio CNS Ballantine, David M T/Sgt Maintenance Tech Ballard, Charles E S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Balsky, Herbert S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner . MIA 25 Jul 43 Banacky, Arthur E S/Sgt Radio Mechanic Baney, Lester D Sgt Aerial Gunner Bank, Benjamin B Banks, Swansey E Jr Sgt Liason Agent Barber, Bernard S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Barber, John L 1Lt Pilot CATF Barber, Woodrow C T/Sgt Admin NCO Barish, Bernard S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Barkley, Ulyus Q S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Barnes, H. O. Barnes, Zed W Maj Squadron Adjutant Barnett, Thomas E T/Sgt Administrative NCO Barrett, Alan G Capt Engineering Officer Barrett, Richard E Sgt Clerk General Barron, Robert K 1Lt Pilot KIA Barrone, Harold L Sgt Mechanic Automotive Bartholic, William C 1Lt Nav-Bomb Bartlett, Perry B Sgt Engineer-Gunner Bartow, Leonard W Barwick, Ernest C Sgt Bashinski, Izzie T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Bates, Richard W T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Batts, Roy F Cpl Radio Mechanic Bauer, Edward E Cpl Munitions Worker Baum, Archie F Jr S/Sgt Baum, Leroy A Sgt Ammunitions NCO Baxter, Howard H Sgt Teletype Mechanic Bazar, William B 2Lt Pilot Beachell, Clarence R Beall, Clyde F F/O Pilot Bean, George W T/Sgt R-G / Comm. Chief Beasley, David C 2Lt Pilot Beebe, James H T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Beeny, John S Jr Sgt Aerial Gunner Bell, Douglas A T/Sgt Bombardier Benevit, Anthony W Sgt Engineer-Gunner Benson, John P 1Lt Nav-Bomb Berg, Gordon H Maj Pilot & Ops Ofc CATF Berg, Roy T S/Sgt Clerk Typist Berryman, Bruce K LtCol Pilot / C.O. Bertel, Ralph J T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Beshara, James E Sgt Engine Mechanic Bigelow, Walter T S/Sgt Radio Bishop, Robert N. 1Lt Pilot KIA Bjarnson, Lewis D. Cpl Clerk Typist Blaha, Donald F. Capt Pilot Blanton, Thadd H. Capt Pilot Blaschke, Harold G. Sgt Clerk Typist Bloom, Harry S/Sgt Armament Specialist Boatright, Edna Soule 1Lt Nurse, General Duty Boby, George J. Sgt Engine Mechanic Bohannon, Michael Bohannon, Ray J. 2Lt Pilot Boldt, Carleton F Cpl Radar/Radio Mechanic Bolduc, Gerard J. S/Sgt Air Crew Member Bongard, Roy A. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Bonnell, Donald G. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Bonneprise, Edmond J. M/Sgt Communications Chief Bounds, Herman J. Sgt Radio-Gunner Bourque, Joseph D. S/Sgt Boutchyard, Walter L. Cpl Munitions Worker Bouvier, Elmer G. Bowen, Francis H. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Bowen, Glen E. Bowen, Lawrence W. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Bowman, Frank M. 2Lt Pilot Boyd, John W. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner POW Boyer, Floyd E. Jr F/O Pilot Boyles, Harry. Bradley, John G. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Braemer, Fred A. M/Sgt Bombardier Braemer, Melvin J. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Brannen, Jackson E. Jr T/Sgt Lead Bombardier Brannon, James M. Sgt Mess Sergeant Brawner, Elmer T. Sgt Radar Mechanic Brelsford, Clifford D. 1Lt Pilot Brennan, Keneth P. Cpl Radar Mechanic Bresee, Dick P. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Brewer, Charles D. 1Lt Navigator Breyfogle, Dwaine Bridges, Morris W. Sgt Aircraft Maint Brigleb, Robert D. Sgt Engine Mechanic Bristol, Thomas A. Sgt Aerial Gunner Brodsky, Israel T/Sgt Chaplain's Asst. Brokaw, James R. 1Lt Pilot KIA Brooks, Everett R. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Brossart, Wilbert J. S/Sgt Medical NCO Brown, Albert L. 1Lt Nav-Bomb KIA Brown, Harold E. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Brown, Henry R. T/Sgt Brown, Henry R. Jr. S/Sgt Aircraft Maint Brown, Lester A. Jr. Cpl Photo Lab Brown, Loyal G. Capt Brown, Marion T. Capt Pilot (xfer 491st, KIA) Brown, Richard T. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Brown, Stewart D. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Brown, Thixton P. Sgt Brown, Walter C. T/Sgt Photo-Gunner KIA Browne, Albert R. 2Lt Pilot KIA 03/13/44 Bruce, Charles W. Sgt Brucker, George L. Sgt Brunette, James J. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Brunt, Kenneth E. Bryson, William F. Capt Pilot Buchwald, Joseph M. Sgt Transportation Buck, Rober E. Capt Flight Surgeon Budd, John R. 1Lt Pilot / Supply Ofc. Buff, John E. Sgt Bulkin, Charles J. 1Lt Pilot Bullard, Thomas L. Capt Pilot & Adjutant Burke, James T. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Burke, Sydney S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA Burkhart, James T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Burnham, Robert G. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Burton, William L. Buschner, Paul C. 1Lt Pilot Bush, James E. Sgt Engine Mechanic Bush, Leroy E. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Buster, Ralph G. S/Sgt Turret & Gunsights Butler, Johnny Butler, Perry L. T/Sgt Turret & Gunsights Buttrick, George J. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Butts, Fred H. Byers, William M. Cpl Radar Mechanic Byrne, Harold T. Cpl Ambulance Driver C    
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Caldwell, Robert D. Pvt Air Crew Member Caldwell, Robert E. 2Lt Nav-Bomb KIA 03/18/44 Caldwell, Robert R. Capt Adjutant Callagan, James H. T/Sgt Quartermaster Callaway, Joseph T. Maj Pilot Campbell, Alexander J. Armament Spec. Campbell, Colin W. 2Lt Pilot Campbell, Hobson L. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Campbell, Lyman B. T/Sgt Crytographer Campbell, Peter J. 1/Sgt First Sergeant Campbell, Woodrow R. Capt Pilot Carder, Ralph L. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Carey, Thomas L. Capt Engineering Officer Carlin, Henry J. 1Lt Navigator KIA Carlson, James Walter T/Sgt Radio-Gunner CATF Carlson, Robert S. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Carmack, Kenneth T. Pfc Clerk Typist Carney, Jack M. Sgt Radio-Gunner Carpenter, Delbert H. M/Sgt Aircraft Maint Carr, Autis Bruce T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Carraway, Alfred B. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Carter, James L. Sgt Carpenter Casari, James A. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Casey, Gerald J. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Cashman, Charles F. Sgt Casper, Harlan G. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA Cassidy, Francis H. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Cassone, Sebastiano J. Sgt Engine Mechanic Caswell, Jacob Cpl Engineer-Gunner Causey, Gordon R. Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA 05/09/44 Cawley, James T. 1Lt Pilot Chaiton, George S/Sgt Administrative NCO Chandler, Bruce C. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Chankey, Michael S/Sgt Engine Mechanic Chappelle, Elliott H. Pfc Cheesman, Nathan A. 2Lt Pilot Chipman, James F. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Chopey, Pvt Censor Christianson, Carl A. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner CATF Christofannelli, Jos. S S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Clare, Thomas H. Capt Chaplin KIA Clark, Donovan A. S/Sgt Bombsight Mechanic Clark, Justus S. Cpl Engine Mechanic Clark, Kenneth S. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Clark, Oliver O. Capt Pilot Clark, William L. 2Lt Bombardier Clayton, Oliver H. LtCol Supply & Staff Ofc. Clements, Sim B. 2Lt KIA Cline, Percy R. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Clute, Grant M. 1Lt Pilot Cobb, Virgil Cockrill, James M. S/Sgt KIA Coddington, Charles W. T/Sgt Aerial Gunner Cogswell, John F. Jr. Cpl Cohen, David T. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Cohn, Abraham S/Sgt Coil, Ralph D. M/Sgt Flight Chief Cole, Frank A. S/Sgt Cole, Gerald D. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Coleman, James A. Lt Nav-Bomb Collett, John E. Sgt Engine Mechanic Collins, John J. Capt Armament / Chemical Collura, Michael A. 1/Sgt Administrative NCO Combs, Carl T. Sgt Aircraft Maint Combs, Guy H. Cpl Mechanic Automotive Cominsky, Albert C. Pvt Automobile Service Condon, Chester F. Capt Provost Marshal Condon, John W. 1Lt Navigator Conner, Ralph H. Cpl Contreras, Anastacio M. T/Sgt Cook, Myron L. 1Lt Navigator KIA Cooke, Edward L. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Coomer, Dexie A. M/Sgt Aircraft Maint Coon, Robert A. 1Lt Pilot Cooper, Raymond C. T/Sgt Radar Mechanic Copen, Cecil A. S/Sgt Sheet Metal Worker Corder, Elmer L. Cortner, James H. Jr. S/Sgt Aircraft Maint Cos, Delbert E. Pvt Mechanic Cosgrove, Harold J. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Cousins, Allan H. S/Sgt KIA Cowen, Hiram M. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Cox, Paul E. Sgt Classification Spec. Cox, Ralph G 1Lt Pilot Cox, Raymond H Craig, Mira L S/Sgt Supply Technician Crandall, George B. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Craven, Wayne M 1Lt Pilot Creasy, Alvin B T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Creel, Murray Sgt Cress, William B. Cpl Maintenance Tech Cromwell, Herbert F. Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Croney, Charlew W. Capt Gunnery Officer Crooke, Willard E. 1Lt Navigator KIA 05/09/44 Crosby, Edward C. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Crosby, James E. S/Sgt Maintenance Tech Crouthamel, Harvey R. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Cullins, Harry M. T/Sgt Maintenance Tech Cummings, George P. Sgt Engine Mechanic Cummings, Richard B. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Cummings, Sherrill T/Sgt Communications Chief Cunningham, Joseph W. 1Lt Lead Navigator Curran, James R. 1Lt Pilot Curtis, Samuel D. Cpl Cook Curtis, Warren G. 2Lt Navigator Cutler, Harry W. 1Lt Navigator D   
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D'Angelo, George T. Sgt Airplane Armorer Dailey, Charles J Dailey, Gerald L. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Dales, Robert E. Capt Pilot Daly, Allen E. Pvt Dandrow, Sherwood O. S/Sgt Communications Chief Danfield, George S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Daniel, Charles H. M/Sgt Ammunitions NCO Danner, Arthur Sgt Intelligence NCO Darnall, James L. Sgt Radio Mechanic Darr, Arthur F Daugherty, Charles W. Sgt Daves, Donald D S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Daviet, Leslie MD 1Lt Flight Surgeon Davis, Christofer C T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Davis, Francis E. S/Sgt Armorer Gunner Davis, Richard Pvt KIA Davison, Charles A. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Dawe, Charles Jr Sgt Special Vehicles Dayhoff, Vernon D. T/Sgt Maintenance Tech De Coteau, Malcom V. Pvt De Hart, Kenneth E. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer De Medici, James E. Armament Spec. De Rosie, Joseph P. De Walt, Arthur E. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Deen, Warren L. S/Sgt Armament Spec. Deitrick, Richard L. T/Sgt Administrative NCO Delahoyde, Rae M. Cpl Intelligence NCO Delano, Howard A. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Delapp, Louis A. Capt Pilot Dempsey, William W. 1Lt Pilot Denig, Robert S/Sgt Intelligence NCO Denman, Jean K. 1Lt Bombardier Detto, Dominick J. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Deutsch, Jack J. Sgt Information Center Deverse, Anthony F. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA 03/13/44 Devine, John F. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Deyer, Joseph H. Sgt Intelligence NCO Dickinson, Samuel C. 1Lt Pilot KIA Didiwick, Claudius T. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Dinkel, Ray C. Cpl Parachute Rigger Dobronzensky, Walter R. Sgt AC Welder Doile, Calvin A. T/Sgt Bombsight Mechanic Doka, Julius G. 1Lt Ordance Ofc. Doorley, Edwin J. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Dora, William H. Jr. T/Sgt Instrument Spec. Doran, Murry A. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Dorn, Louis A. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Dorn, Ralph E. S/Sgt 75mm Cannon Spec. Doucette, Walter J. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA 02/15/44 Douglas, Melvin G. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Doxee, Marion H. Cpl Airplane Armorer Drabot, Stephen Sgt Engineer-Gunner Dresnin, Benjamin Sgt Administrative NCO Drew, Troy 1Lt Bombardier Dreyer, Russell L. Capt Nav-Bomb Drinkwine, Vernon R. M/Sgt-1Lt Dube, Lionel A Dubois, Richard P. 1Lt Pilot Duffin, William G. S/Sgt Administrative NCO Dugan, Patrick J. T/Sgt Airplane Amorer Duncan, Sequoyah Cpl Switchboard "Chief" Dunham, Thomas T. 2Lt Pilot KIA Dunn, George W. Sgt Aircraft Maint Dupola, Robert C. 2Lt Bombardier KIA Dzubur, Rizvan N. Sgt Duty NCO E    
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Easley, James C Sgt Aerial Gunner Ebey, Robert R Capt Pilot Eck, Millard E Capt Pilot Eckert, Howard B Elder, Earl F 1Lt Nav-Bomb Elkins, Rudolph T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA 05/09/45 Ellenberger, Ethan E. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Elliott, Vernon G. Maj Administrative Ofc. Embry, Charles D. Cpl Armament Spec. Engesath, Carl W. Sgt Cook Enwright, James J. S/Sgt Parachute Rigger Erdlitz, Charles W. Jr. S/Sgt Medical Lab Tech. Erickson, George O. T/Sgt Eriquezzo, Americo Sgt Evans, Charles C. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA 03/18/44 Evanson, Clair L. F/O/2Lt Pilot F    
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Falgoust, Jean Supply Technician Feigley, Howard M. 1Lt Pilot Feinman, Aaron T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Feix, Thomas L. S/Sgt Cook Feld, Philip T/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Feldman, Howard Feliciano, Vincent MD Capt Flight Surgeon Fensel, Francis P. Maj Pilot Ferguson, Charles F. 1Lt Navigator KIA 02/15/44 Ferris, George F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Ferry, Bernard F. Fetter, Robert B. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Fey, Marvin W. 2Lt Pilot Filarowicz, Theodore J. Pfc Radio-Gunner Fine, Philip 1Lt Nav-Bomb Finks, Robert E T/Sgt KIA Fish, John C Jr. Sgt Radio-Gunner Fishbeck, Gordon D. 1Lt Pilot Fisher, Alexander S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Fisher, G. Cpl Engineering Section Fisk, Harold Fiske, Ralph P. Capt Pilot Fitts, Lester O. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Flach, John A. 1Lt Pilot KIA Flanagan, William M. M/Sgt Supply Technician Fleming, R.E. Maj Weather Officer Flicker, Raymond A. Flinchbaugh, Glenn D. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Floyd, Alva H. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Floyd, Charles M. 1Lt Pilot Fluhart, Charles S. T/Sgt Flynt, Wallace G. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Foley, Gilbert J. S/Sgt Folks, James Folsom, Harry L. Jr. Cpl Radio-Gunner Ford, Robert O. Capt Bombardier Foreman, Leo 1Lt Pilot Forney, Russell A. Sgt Airplane Armorer Foster, Helen 1Lt Nurse Foust, James C. 1Lt Pilot Fowler, Jesse E. 1Lt Nav-Bomb KIA 05/29/45 Fowler, William R. Pvt Fox, Gregory B. F/O Pilot Fox, Melvin P. 2Lt Navigator KIA Fox, Soloman S. Sgt Quartermaster Supply Foyer, M. H. Franko, Michael B. Sgt Engine Mechanic Frederickson, C. Roger 1Lt Pilot Freeman, Charles O. Sgt Airplane Armorer French, Wirt B. Jr. Sgt Medical Tech. Frye, Richard C S/Sgt Intelligence NCO Fulfur, James R Cpl Engineer-Gunner Fulmer, Carl E Capt Pilot Fulton, George E Jr. Sgt Fyfe, Julien N Pfc Aircraft Maint G    
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Gable, William R. S/Sgt Intelligence NCO Gadbow, Eugene O. Cpl Aircraft Maint Gage, George I S/Sgt Engine Mechanic Gaither, Herschell 2Lt Navigator KIA Ganoe, Finley H KIA Gardella, Lawrence A. Cpl Decontamination Gardner, James H. 1Lt Pilot KIA 02/15/44 Gardner, John D T/Sgt Supply Technician Garrison, Arthur C. Sgt Gatewood, Francis J. Cpl Heavy Equip. Operator Gaudreau, Warren J. Gavell, Baruch Cpl Airplane Armorer Gavrit, L. L. Geer, John W. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Gentzler, Robert J. Pfc Transportation George, Patrick H. Gerhardt, Joseph B. M/Sgt Airplane Armorer Gerhardt, Paul C. Gerrity, Harold T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Gerstner, John E. Sgt Photo Lab Gibby, Peter S/Sgt Clerk Typist Gibson, Travis J. M/Sgt First Sergeant Giersch, John M. 1Lt Pilot Giesch, Joseph G. Cpl Gisholt, Harry E. M/Sgt Aircraft Maint Glavin, Robert F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Godwin, Jasper L. 1Lt Navigator CATF Godwin, Joseph S. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Goebel, Ray W. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Goodell, Howard Capt Pilot USMA Goodlin, Robert V, Jr 1Lt Pilot Goodman, Julius 2Lt Pilot Gordon, Carl F. 1Lt Lead Bombardier Gordon, Clem M. M/Sgt Line Chief Gordon, John W. Gorman, Arthur E. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Gorman, Benson A. Gorman, Vincent A. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Gough, Thomas F. M/Sgt Line Chief Gowell, Robert W. 2Lt Nav-Bomb KIA Grace, Thomas F. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Graf, Philip Cpl Aerial Photo-Gunner Graham, Ellsworth B. S/Sgt Granholm, Emil T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Gransee, Vern H. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Gray, William G. Cpl Greco, John A. Pfc Green, Clarence S. Sgt Green, George L. Capt Pilot Green, Paul D. 2Lt Pilot Greenstein, Max J. 1Lt Bombardier KIA Greenwalt, Marquis L. M/Sgt Griffin, Conner C. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Groendal, Jack Capt Pilot Gronczewski, Edward J. S/Sgt Sheetmetal Worker Gruber, George T/Sgt Quartermaster Grusansky, Frank W. 2Lt Pilot Gruttadauria, Anthony J S/Sgt Radio Mechanic Guy, James L. Sgt Squadron Carpenter H    
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Hadley, Alvin D. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Hafer, Harold J. Sgt Airplane Armorer Hai, Harvey H. T/Sgt Maintenance Tech Hairston, Wiley C. Hale, Chapman M. 1Lt Pilot Hall, Roscoe L. M/Sgt Aircraft Maint Hall, Ruth L. 1Lt Nurse Halmo, John F. Sgt Aerial Gunner Ham, Patrick L. Capt Pilot CATF Hamer, James J 2Lt Pilot KIA Hamilton, Charles V. Jr S/Sgt Steno/Photographer Hammond, Ed Pfc Hamro, John C. S/Sgt Aircraft Maint Hankins, Edward J. S/Sgt Intelligence NCO Hannigan, James L. 1Lt Lead Nav-Bomb Hansen, William L. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA 03/13/44 Hanson, Wendell H. Capt Pilot Haralson, Walter J. M/Sgt Hardee, Thomas R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Hardesty, W. Sgt Aircraft Maint Hardick, Andrew M. Cpl Parachute Rigger Harding, Hampden W. 1Lt Pilot / Provost KIA 03/13/44 Hargrave, Robert G. Cpl Harmon, John B. Capt Pilot Harmon, Robert E. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Harrington, Joseph R. M/Sgt Aircraft Maint Harris, Arthur W. Harrison, Hugh R. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Harrison, Vernon M. KIA Hart, William S. Operations Hass, John Capt Weather Officer Hasselbeck, Richard J. S/Sgt Draftsman / Mapping Hatcher, Edward E. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Hathaway, Gerald L. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Hawkins, Charles J. T/Sgt Hayes, Clarence H. Cpl Hayward, David K. 1Lt Pilot Heady, Clifford T. Sgt Air Operations Heater, William F. S/Sgt Bombardier CATF Hedges, Joe H. Hedrick, George R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Heller, Leo Henry, J. C. Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Henry, William W. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Hensley, Thomas M. Sgt Herforth, Henry J. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA 02/06/44 Herman, John E. Cpl Airplane Armorer Herndon, George H. Sgt Aircraft Maint Herod, Doyle M. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Herre, Russell A. Capt Aerial Observer Herring, Richard E. 2Lt Herschenfeld, Welmore Sgt Radio Hewitt, Joseph B. Jr. KIA Hiatt, Robert E. T/Sgt Aerial Gunner Hickey, James W. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Hickey, Lawrence J. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Hightower, Nathaniel L. 2Lt Pilot KIA Hillenmeyer, Donald J. 2Lt Pilot Hillyer, Arthur E Jr. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Himel, Alton J T/Sgt Maintenance Tech Hirsch, John G 1Lt Pilot KIA Hixson, Mark M Hladun, Andrew Hoagland, Donald J. Hobbs, Marvin A S/Sgt Supply Technician Hodder, Clifford Jr. Cpl Airplane Armorer Hodge, James Cpl Special Vehicles Hodges, Norman O. 1Lt Air Crew Member KIA 02/06/44 Hodgkinson, George M. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Hoger, William F. Sgt Mechanic Automotive Hojsak, John S/Sgt Engine Mechanic Hoke, Isador F. S/Sgt Turret & Gunsights Holewinski, Edmund F. S/Sgt Propeller Mechanic Holman, Lee R. Jr. Holmes, Jack T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Holsomebeck, Murry F. S/Sgt Clerk Typist Homza, Eli A. Sgt Radio Hopken, Elwood J. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Hopkins, Edwin J. M/Sgt Maintenance Tech Hopper, Jones C. 2Lt Bombardier KIA Horey, Raymond S. 1Lt Pilot Horn, Guy V. Sgt KIA Horner, Gordon M. Hornick, Walter S. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Horton, Lee R. Jr 1Lt Pilot House, James N. II S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner CATF Howard, Doc C. T/Sgt Maintenance Tech Howard, William A. 1Lt Pilot KIA 05/09/44 Hubbell, Robert W. Sgt Radio Mechanic Huckstep, Julian B. Hudak, Joseph C. Capt Adjutant Huffer, Wilbur H. Pfc Hughes, Hill G. Capt Pilot Hull, Spencer G. S/Sgt Clerk General Hungate, Robert R. Cpl Hunnicutt, Joel P. Capt Armory Maint. Hunsicker, Carlton A. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Huntington, Edward I. F/O Pilot Hurley, Wilbur U. Cpl Airplane Armorer Hutchinson, Robert K. Sgt Hyde, Merrill R. S/Sgt KIA Hyland, James H. I    
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Iannucci, John D. Sgt Airplane Armorer Inglis, James H. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Inman, Melvin C. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Inman, William A. Jr Sgt Electrical Mechanic Irick, Hubert F. S/Sgt Turret & Gunsights Irvin, Robert Jr. Irving, Charles H. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Isson, Frank Capt Personnel Officer J    
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Jackson, Belvin S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner CATF Jackson, Paul E. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Jackson, Raymond 2Lt Bombardier Jackson, Russell A. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Jacobs, Lawrence G. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Jacobs, Marvin H. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Jacobson, Emil H. Sgt Jaggers, Russell D. KIA Jahnke, Harold H. T/Sgt Bombsight Mechanic James, Robert V. Sgt Jameson, Ted Sgt Janasky, James J. 1Lt Combat Intelligence Jarrett, Lawrence W. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Jarshaw, Elmer O. M/Sgt Line chief Jebeles, Tom G. T/Sgt Mess Sergeant Jefferson, Lester R. Pfc Jennings, Merle D. Sgt Aerial Gunner Jernigan, George R. 1Lt Bombardier Jerry, Donald H S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Jobes, Johns, John A. 1Lt Pilot Johnson, Bert B. Johnson, Francis A. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Johnson, R. L. Sgt Munitions Worker Johnston, Charles W. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Johnston, Clarke E. Capt Pilot CATF Joka, Richard S/Sgt Jones, Aden E. T/Sgt Bombardeir Jones, Albert Sgt Engineer-Gunner Jones, Albert T. Jones, Alex A. Jones, Charles KIA Jones, Clarence T/Sgt Jones, David T/Sgt Ammunitions NCO Jones, G Marcus 1Lt Engineering Officer Jones, Richard B. Pfc Engineer-Gunner Jopson, John L. Cpl Radio Mechanic Jordan, Bert M. Cpl Engineer-Gunner Jordan, Jack J. 1Lt Navigator Josserand, Joe D. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Josti, Walter F. Sgt Ordnance/Munitions Clerk Juillard, Donald L. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Julius, Ralph H. S/Sgt Radio Mechanic Junker, Jules X., III 1Lt Bombardier CATF K    
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Kamps, Henry M/Sgt Line Chief Karpowicz, Henry T/Sgt Karstein, Julian B. 1Lt Pilot Kaspurzak, Raymond T. Sgt Aircraft Maint Katz, Milton B. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Kee, George T. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Keegin, William C. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Keene, Kenneth H. S/Sgt Air Operations Keers, William R. Sgt Aerial Gunner Kelly, Francis J. T/Sgt Instrument Spec. Kelly, R. C. 1Lt Armament Officier Kemp, Henry S/Sgt Maintenance Tech Kern, Russell G Sgt Propeller Mechanic Ketchum, Yale A. Jr. 1Lt Pilot KIA 05/09/45 Key, Frank L. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Keys, John R. S/Sgt Kiel, Kenneth R. Cpl Engineer-Gunner Kilgore, Douglas A. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Kimminau, Bernard J. Cpl Refueling Unit Kinden, John S/Sgt Aircraft Maint King, Burton R. Sgt Air Crew Member King, George L. Pvt King, James B. Cpl Electrical Mechanic King, John P. 1Lt Nav-Bomb King, John P. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint King, Paul E. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Kinnamon, Virgil W. Capt Pilot Kinzel, LLoyd E. 1Lt Pilot Kirby, Robert E. 1Lt Pilot Kirila, John Sgt Cook Kirkland, James D. S/Sgt Radio Klar, LLoyd A S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Klaus, Joseph B. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Klein, Lawrence J. Kneeland, Archie W. 2Lt Nav-Bomb Kneen, James R. T/Sgt Administrative NCO Kneer, Wilbur C. Sgt Airplane Armorer Knipp, Wylie C. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Knoblock, Richard A. Capt Pilot Knoll, Robert L Sgt Supply Technician Knueppel, Raymond J. Capt Nav-Bomb KIA Knueven, Albert H. S/Sgt Aircraft Maint Kobrofsky, Louis M/Sgt Air Operations Kohl, Robert A. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Kokonis, James Sgt Armorer-Gunner KIA 05/09/45 Kolb, Charles F. 1Lt Pilot Kolody, Sigmund E. M/Sgt Aircraft Maint Komenos, Byron Sgt Maintenance Tech Koran, Fred T/Sgt Munitions Worker Kosoff, Murray H. Koury, Ernest A. 1/Sgt First Sergeant Kratzke, Theodore H. Sgt Armament Spec. Kravitz, Roland 1Lt Bombardier Kroeger, Marvin O. Capt Piolt KuaJowdski, William W. Cpl Kulichkoff, Victor E. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Kyle, Virgil E. L    
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La Plant, William P. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Laam, William H. T/Sgt Maintenance Tech Lacy, James E. Ladd, George E. S/Sgt Dental Tech. Lamar, George A. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Lamb, Charles M. Lambert, William J. Pfc Lamm, Norman E. Sgt Landgraf, Robert A. M/Sgt Administrative NCO Larkin, William F. S/Sgt Aircraft Maint Larson, Melvin O. Laubhan, Reynold M. 2Lt Transportation Officer Lawrence, Irvin R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA 03/13/44 Le Craw, John W. Jr. 1Lt Navigator Le Row, James H. M/Sgt Clerk Typist Lech, Joseph A. Sgt Radio Mechanic Ledeker, Lewis E. Capt Pilot Lefferts, Clifford M. Leisure, John E. Jr. Cpl Engineer-Gunner KIA Lemich, John 1Lt Pilot KIA Leuthauser, Willard N. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Levay, Alex P. Capt Levee, Jessie C. Sgt Levine, Samuel A. 1Lt Navigator Lewis, Cecil E. S/Sgt Lewis, Harlan S. Engine Mechanic Lewis, Melton S. 1Lt Navigator Lewis, Murry L. 2Lt Navigator Lewter, Frank F S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Lineberry, Madison D. Sgt Engineer-Gunner LLoyd, John M. 1Lt Pilot LLoyd, Robert C. 1Lt Pilot Locknane, Harry G. 1Lt Navigator CATF Loebar, Thomas S. Cpl Airplane Armorer Londeree, Douglas W. 1Lt Munitions Officer London, Alfred D. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Long, Charles B. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Long, George W. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Long, John R. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Long, Marion T. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Lovatto, Robert W. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Lovett, Charles M. Capt Provost Marshal Lowry, Joseph C. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Luddy, Peter J. Luffman, Carl T. Sgt Aerial Gunner Luker, Cleveland S/Sgt Intelligence NCO Lunario, James Pfc Lyell, Larkin L. 1Lt Communications Lyman, Richard W. Capt Pilot Lynch, Arthur G. 1Lt Pilot CATF Lynn, Melvin R. Capt Pilot CATF M    
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Macallister, Duncan E. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Macaulay, Edward J. S/Sgt Supply Sergeant Mackenzie, John A. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Macmillan, William H II S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Macnamara, Sara A. 1Lt Nurse Mageors, Robert P. T/Sgt Airplane Armorer Magyar, Alfred J. Sgt Radio-Gunner Main, Philip LtCol Pilot / C.O. Maird, John S. Pvt Mandello, Anthony M. Pvt KIA Manley, Randall M. Mann, Clarence L. S/Sgt Parachute Rigger Manson, John N. III 1Lt Navigator Marcus, Morton F. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Marcus, Wilbur O. 1Lt Bombardier KIA Marich, Nicholas 2Lt Pilot CATF KIA Markham, Donald F. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA 05/29/45 Marranzino, Antonio E. Sgt Clerk Typist Marrone, Thomas W. 1Lt Pilot Martin, James C. Martin, James F. S/Sgt Propeller Mechanic Martin, Stephen E. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Martin, W. V. Jr. M/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Massolos, George V. M/Sgt Aircraft Maint Masterson, John S. Sgt Aircraft Weapons Mathis, Charles J. T/Sgt Airplane Armorer Mathison, Mattson, Quentin L, Matz, Robert H. Sgt Maurio, Pvt May, Chester L. 2Lt Pilot May, James A. S/Sgt Medical Tech. McAdams, Carl E. M/Sgt Airplane Armorer McAuliffe, James B. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner McCalvin, Philip S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner McCarthy, James P. Jr Sgt Aerial Gunner McCarthy, Robert M. 1Lt Pilot McClintock, James F. 1Lt Pilot McCombs, William F. McCook, Charles W. 1Lt Pilot KIA McCray, Lonnie G. McCue, John W. 1Lt Comm Officer McCullough, John W. S/Sgt Maintenance Tech McDermott, John T. 1Lt McDonough, John F. Jr 1Lt Pilot KIA McDowell, Wilmer E. Capt Pilot CATF McElroy, Edgar E. Capt Pilot McElwain, Forrest J. 2Lt Pilot McFann, Robert J. Lt Bombardier McGarvey, Richard F. 2Lt Pilot McGlothen, Gordon L. 1Lt Pilot McGrath, Daniel M. Cpl Intelligence NCO McIninch, Vernon A. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA McInnis, Robert G. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner McKenna, Douglas 2Lt Nav-Bomb McKenna, Frank J. Jr T/Sgt Bombardier-Navigator McMahon, Neal R. 1Lt Pilot KIA McMinn, Kenneth M. Pfc McPheeters, Hugh 1Lt Pilot MIA Meadowcroft, Norman D. Maj Pilot Means, Meath, Campbell A. S/Sgt General Clerk Meeks, Kenneth S. Pvt Meiers, Dale W. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Meikle, William T/Sgt Air Operations Meir, Gerald F. S/Sgt Engine Mechanic Melbihess, William C. Sgt Aerial Gunner Mellow, Emil A. Capt Nav-Bomb Retired Mendelson, Murry Sgt Medical NCO Mercep, Anthony P. S/Sgt Bombardier Meslowski, S/Sgt Messina, John D. Sgt Radio Meyer, Merle P. Capt Weather Officer Meyers, Stewart M. 1Lt Pilot Michel, Theodore J. Maj Pilot KIA Mihalichko, Joseph S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA 02/15/44 Milistifir, Lud J. 2Lt Pilot Miller, Dale M. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Miller, Jerry D. Maj Pilot & Ops Officer Miller, Leonard J. Sgt Aerial Gunner Minarich, Victor J. Sgt Clerk Typist Mingo, Clyde H. S/Sgt Clerk Typist Minoletti, Frank J. Cpl Turret & Gunsights Mitchell, Elvin F. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Mitchell, James H. T/Sgt Communications Chief Mitchell, Leonard F. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Mollendorf, Theodore R. Sgt Projectionist Montanelli, John 1/Sgt First Sergeant Montes, Ralph J. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA 05/29/44 Montgomery, Milton M. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Montgomery, Robert E. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Mooney, William C. Capt Pilot CATF Moore, F. D, Moore, Richard D. 1Lt Pilot Moore, Robert E. 1Lt Pilot Moore, Roy R. 1Lt Pilot Morgan, Edwin R Morgan, John V S/Sgt Morin, George A T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Morris, Charles E. T/Sgt Turret & Gunsights Morris, James J. Jr. Cpl Radio-Gunner Morris, Nicholas D. Morris, Thomas S/Sgt Intelligence NCO Morse, Harold B. 1Lt Pilot KIA Morsillo, Nicholas D. 1Lt Pilot Moss, Donald A. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Moyer, William C. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Mueller, Robert S. 1Lt Pilot Muenchow, William Cpl Administrative NCO Munger, Douglas Sgt Cook Murhamer, William E. Pfc Comm / Instruments Murphy, Joe H. C. Murphy, Joseph P. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Murphy, Myron J. Murray, John Myers, Marion A. S/Sgt Radio Mechanic Myers, Walter S. 1Lt Pilot KIA 02/06/44 Myrick, Charles P. Jr. 2Lt Pilot N    
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Nardelli, Mathew P. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Nardelli, Victor Sgt Nau, William E. Capt Pilot & Adjutant Nay, Robert F. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Neilson, William 1Lt Pilot & Adjutant Nelson, Leif E. Cpl Airplane Armorer Nelson, Russell Jr. S/Sgt Aircraft Maint Nemeth, Ernest S/Sgt Administrative NCO Neschke, Herman G. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Newell, Robert N. Newsome, Sidney S. Cpl KIA Nickel, Jacob S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Nickels, Loren S. Maj Pilot / C.O. Nielson, Fay L. 2Lt Nav-Bomb KIA Nissley, Raymond L. Noe, Cecil B. M/Sgt Line Chief Nordahl, Lynn C. 1Lt Pilot KIA Norris, Lester E. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Northcutt, Norwood W. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Norton, John P. 2Lt Navigator KIA 04/08/44 Nunley, Homer C. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Nyreen, Sydney E. J. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner O    
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O'Brein, John R. M/Sgt Communications Chief O'Connell, Patrick A. 2Lt Bombardier O'Dea, James L. Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA O'Hara, Wayne M. Sgt Propeller Mechanic Oberlander, Jacob M. Sgt Aircraft Maint Oesterreich, Robert C. 2Lt Pilot Olson, Allen A. Cpl Radio CNS Olson, Ralph R. Sgt Parachute Rigger Orlando, Harry S/Sgt Ornowski, Francis J. Cpl Engine Mechanic Ortiz, Joseph L. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Osborn, Wilford C. Osburn, Kenneth A. M/Sgt Aircraft Maint Ottman, Robert A. S/Sgt Communications Owens, William M. S/Sgt Communications Ozier, Ernest T. Jr S/Sgt P    
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Pace, Albert R. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Page, Edward L. Maj Pilot Pagelow, Peter H. S/Sgt Engine Mechanic Paige, Maurice P. S/Sgt Aircraft Maint Palmer, Carl C. Palmer, Robert L. Capt Pilot Pandorf, Richard W. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Panoutsos, Frank W. Papeman, Oscar. Sgt Electrical Mechanic Papov, Nicholas Pvt Switchboard Parkhurst, Clarence H. 1Lt Pilot KIA 02/06/44 Parkin, Ernest M. S/Sgt Patrick, Roscoe H. Sgt Armament Spec. Patterson, Phillip E. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Pattinson, Jack S. Cpl Engine Mechanic Pausons, Walter H. Pvt Pawloski, Eugene Capt Pilot Pearson, William B. 2Lt Pecha, George Pvt Cook Peckam, James Aircraft Maint Peek, Carlyle A. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Pell, Charles D. Cpl Airplane Armorer Pelligra, Joseph S. Cpl Special Vehicles Pence, Vernon E. Sgt Engine Mechanic Perchway, Ovid A. T/Sgt Chief Code Clerk Percival, Jay V. Capt Navigator Perkins, Earl F. T/Sgt Perry, Robert C. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Peters, Richard J. Sgt Mechanic Automotive Petersen, Joseph C. 1Lt Navigator Lead Peterson, Donald R. 1Lt Pilot Peterson, Eric S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Peterson, J. B. Petrilla, Charles T. Cpl Radio-Gunner Pettit, Willard B. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Pezent, James F. Pvt Pfeifer, Daniel J. 2Lt Pilot Pfetzing, Edwin J. Cpl Phillips, Ernest J. Jr S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Phillips, James E. M/Sgt Chief, Flight "A" Pickle, Leo A. Sgt Radio Mechanic Pierson, Jessie R. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Pilat, Walter A. 2Lt Air Crew Member Pinell, Claude J. Jr M/Sgt Communications Chief Pinkston, Roger I. Armament Spec. Piper, Richard E. Pfc Piperi, Vincent Pfc Medical Corps Pipkin, Ralph E. M/Sgt KIA Pitcock, Louis Jr S/Sgt Clerk Typist Pittinger, Ray L. Maj Supply / Evacuation Plante, Napoleon E. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA 03/18/44 Poleselli, Viviano Cpl Radio-Gunner KIA Poling, Forrest K. 1Lt Lead Navigator Pollard, Charles E. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Polzin, Robert C. S/Sgt Lineman TP & TG Poole, Ralph H. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Poppe, Clinton C. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Porter, Alex J. Capt Lead Navigator CATF Portman, Richard L. Cpl Engine Mechanic Poulega, Emanuel E. 1Lt Powell, William O. 2Lt Bombardier Powers, Albert L. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Pratt, Thomas R. 1/Sgt Aerial Photo-Gunner Prescott, Barney H. 1Lt Armament Officer Preston, Royal F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Prewitt, Manning B. 1Lt Price, Cpl Pritchett, Paul M. Jr Cpl Engine Mechanic Pritt, Wilber G. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Prong, George R. Proper, Mason O. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Propst, Robert L. S/Sgt KIA Prudler, William J. Capt Pilot Puckett, Rober S. Sr Maj Pilot / C.O. Puckhaber, Edward 1Lt Pilot Puglia, Anthony T/Sgt Communications Chief Purgatorio, James M. Sgt Airplane Armorer Purvines, William G. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Q    
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Quakenbush, Robert H. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Quinn, Harold E. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner R    
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Raasch, Robert J. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Radke, Lee S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA 02/06/44 Ralston, Bob E. T/Sgt Supply/Motor Pool Ramirez, Dionicio O. Sgt Operations Clerk Rappaport, Lawrence S/Sgt Medical Corps NCO Rasmussen, Richard O. 2Lt Pilot Rawlings, Robert L. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Reams, Levi B. Rector, Keith L. Reed, Arthur S. 2Lt Reed, Stanley A. 1Lt Pilot Reimann, Robert E. F/O Pilot Reipe, George R. S/Sgt Quartermaster Supply Reman, Joseph T. M/Sgt Maintenance Tech Renn, James H. Jr S/Sgt Ammunitions NCO Rennaker, John T/Sgt Airplane Armorer Repetti, Francis J. Capt Pilot Resini, Albert J. Cpl Aerial Photo-Gunner Rester, W. E. S/Sgt Reufli, Royal M. Reynolds, Harold S. Sgt Aerial Photo-Gunner Ribaudo, Peter Richards, John C. 2Lt Nav-Bomb Richards, John M. Cpl Cook Richards, John R. Richardson, John H. S/Sgt Message Center Chief Rickman, Stanley B. Sgt Aircraft Maint Rinebold, Murray K. T/Sgt Maintenance Tech Robbe, Michael 1Lt Nav-Bomb Robbins, Lemuel D. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Roberts, Joseph B. S/Sgt Roberts, Sidney L. Pfc Robertson, Horace G. S/Sgt Robertson, Wesley L. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner CATF Robinson, Edward C. Robinson, John V. Cpl Radio-Gunner Robinson, Wiley T. S/Sgt Robinson, William A. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Rogers, John V. Rogers, Junior A. S/Sgt Maintenance Tech Rogers, Otis J. Rogers, Walter L. S/Sgt Rohrer, Lawrence Rosenberg, Arthur O. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Rosencrantz, Joseph R. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Rosey, Ben Cpl Decontamination Ross, Ernest J. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Rouse, Carl A. Sgt Photo Lab Technician Routhier, Arthur O. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Rowicki, Walter S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Rowley, Louis P. Radio Rubenfeld, Lester S/Sgt Air Operations Rubin, Neal S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Rubin, Robert J. T/Sgt Administrative NCO Rubustelli, Dick Rudis, Joseph J. T/Sgt Administrative NCO Ruman, John N. M/Sgt Airplane Armorer Rush, Herbert T. Russell, Michael 1Lt Pilot Russell, Rex R. S/Sgt Armament Spec. Russo, Neil G. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Ryder, Ray L. 2Lt Nav-Bomb Ryerson, John T. M/Sgt Adninistrative NCO Rymer, Robert R. 2Lt Nav-Bomb KIA 03/13/44 S    
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Saddler, Latham G. S/Sgt Administrative NCO Sakowski, Wakter J. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Sala, Guillermo F. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Salas, Mose Sgt Saltikoff, Morris J. T/Sgt Propeller Mechanic Sanders, Howard E. F/O Pilot Sanders, William I. Maj Pilot Sanders, William I. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Sandini, Alfred R. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA 02/15/44 Sandvig, Raymond J. 1Lt Pilot Satterfield, Curtis L. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA Savas, Charles S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Savich, Peter S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Sawicki, Edward J. Sgt Radio Mechanic Scearce, George G. Jr T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Schaefer, Paul F. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Schank, Werner E. Sgt Schaper, Joseph R. 1Lt Pilot Schenk, Ernest B. KIA Schiller, Frederick W. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Schofield, Jack L. 1Lt Pilot Schofield, Robert L. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Schooley, Jim C. Capt Pilot & Ops Officer Schooley, L. 1Lt Nurse Schramm, Roy C. Sgt Schuett, John C 1Lt Pilot Schug, Edward P 1Lt Pilot Schumacher, Edwin V. S/Sgt Sheet Metal Schuster, Frank W. S/Sgt Pilot Schusterbauer, Bertram A. 2Lt KIA Schwartz, Maurice Cpl Engine Mechanic Schwartz, Richard P. Pvt Schwartz, Stanley S. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Schwerer, Arthur A. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Scott, Ralph Searfino, Paul W. Sgt AC Sheet Metal Worker Seaver, Robert N. 2Lt Nav-Bomb KIA Secreto, Frank Sedlak, William D. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Sefton, James D. S/Sgt Air Crew Member Seger, Stanley Sgt Engineer-Gunner Seifert, Chester H. 1Lt Pilot Sejarto, Lester H. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Senkbeil, Edwin A. 1Lt Pilot Sevajian, Edward 1Lt Nav-Bomb Sewing, Robert J. Capt Pilot Seymore, John J. Cpl Shafer, Clarence E. 1Lt Pilot Shafer, William E. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Shaklee, Harold O. Capt Bombardier Lead Sharp, Frank D. Maj Pilot / C.O. Shay, Harry T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Shepherd, George E. S/Sgt Intelligence NCO Shepherd, Warren G. 1Lt Pilot Shevchik, Metro J. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Shields, Clyde A. T/Sgt Communications Chief Shipman, Glenn R. Cpl Radio-Gunner CATF Shirkey, Floyd A. Shirlaw, Ronald D. Capt Pilot Shreiner, Harold E. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Schug, Edward P. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Shupe, John W. 2Lt Pilot KIA Sibley, Fred M. Maj Combat Intelligence Sieck, Albert M. Capt Pilot Sikes, Robert H. 1Lt Bombardier CATF Silver, Leo Sgt Electrical Mechanic Simmerman, Harold H. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Simonetti, Philip J. 1Lt Pilot KIA Sinnott, Elmo D. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Skaggs, Slaughter, James M. 1Lt Slayman, Francis A. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Slayton, Elwood C. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Sleeth, Lloyd J. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Sloan, Norman J. Capt Lead Navigator Smerton, Arnold C. Pvt Smith, Clarence L. Cpl Engine Mechanic Smith, Everette W. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA 02/06/44 Smith, Forman F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Smith, Howard G. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Smith, James H. T/Sgt Smith, Jesse W. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Smith, Kenneth E. Cpl Radio Mechanic Smith, Oscar M. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Smith, Raymond P. 2Lt Pilot Smith, Sherman S. 1Lt Navigator Bombardier Smith, Thomas J. Jr. 1Lt Pilot KIA 03/18/44 Smith, Walter S. Pfc Armament Spec. Smith, Willard C. S/Sgt Engine Mechanic Smithe, Arthur L. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Snover, Delmer L. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Snow, Dexter B. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Snow, Eugene W. Sgt Radio Mechanic Snyder, Russell D. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Sobocinski, Edward F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Somppi, James R. S/Sgt Air Crew Member Sparks, Milton J. 2Lt Nav-Bomb Speciale, Felix M. T/Sgt Aerial Gunner Spector, Norman Pvt Truck Driver Spencer, Edmund Sgt Radio-Gunner Spencer, Jesse G. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Spencer, Richard E. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Spinelli, Carmine Sgt Engine Mechanic St Pierre, Louis J. Sgt Stanberry, William J. Pfc Parachute Rigger Stankiewicz, Stephen A. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Staples, Horace J. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Stecko, Walter J. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Steinbacher, Eugene K. 1Lt Bombardier Steinbruegge, Norvell E. Capt Pilot Steindel, Harry A. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Stepanovich, George Capt Amrmment & Chemical Ofc. Stephens, Robert J. T/Sgt Bombardier Stephens, William E. Capt Engineering Officer Stevens, John R. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Stevenson, Arnold R. Pfc Stewart, Calvin R. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Stewart, Harry F. Sgt Stewart, Myron E. Capt Manpower Officer Stock, LeRoy E. Sgt Bombsight Mechanic Stocker, John J. 1Lt Pilot KIA Stockment, Harold L. 1Lt Bombardier Stout, Kenneth O. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Stowe, George W. Jr 1Lt Pilot Stowers, Frederick P. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Streeter, Henry J. T/Sgt Instrument Tech. Strike, Clarence E. S/Sgt Ariel Gunner Strock, Walter S. Sgt Radio Mechanic Suite, Kobb Sullivan, James C. 1Lt Lead Bombardier Sullivan, John J. S/Sgt Clerk Typist Sullivan, Vincent E. Cpl Truck Driver Sullivan, Wilfrid G. T/Sgt Aerial Gunner Summerville, James B. T/Sgt Electrical Mechanic Surginer, William E. Maj Pilot Surratt, Richard L. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Sutton, Frank R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Swaffard, John W. Sgt Swafford, Wilford G. Swofford, Otho L. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner T    
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Talley, James C. Capt Pilot Tessimond, Earl R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Tewes, Donald E. Maj Combat Intelligence Thayer, Laurence 1Lt Nav-Bomb Thomas, Bert F. Jr S/Sgt Radar Mechanic Thomas, Oscar R. Jr Sgt Administrative NCO Thomas, Wilson M. 1Lt Pilot Thompson, Donald A. Sgt Motor Pool Dispatch Thompson, Donald L. Capt Pilot CATF Thompson, Edmund B. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Thompson, Elmer C. Capt Pilot Thompson, Harry Jr. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Thompson, Robert G. 2Lt Thompson, Scott E. Pfc Thompson, Venner A. Cpl Surgical Technician Thornton, Marvin I. 1Lt Navigator Thurston, Frank F. 1Lt Pilot Tibbetts, Arthur N. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Timmerman, William H. Jr Cpl Toczek, Walter 2Lt Pilot Tolin, Robert D. Cpl Movie Projectionist Toplon, David 1Lt Nav-Bomb Topper, Raymond Cpl Radio Mechanic Trail, Leroy T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Travers, Donald J. Sgt Travis, Clinton L. Sgt Trimble, Patrick F. Capt Adjutant Trotter, Ward L. Truchon, John S/Sgt Mess Sergeant Truhler, John S. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Trzcinski, Bruno J. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Tucker, Alton W. Sgt Aerial Gunner Turpin, Forrest C. M/Sgt Airplane Armorer Tweady, Earl L. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner U    
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Uhl, Richard D. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Ullman, Frank E. Jr S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Ullman, William R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Underwood, Jack D. Sgt Upchurch, Joseph H. Capt Adjutant Urban, Dennis J. T/Sgt Armament Spec. V    
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Vacarro, Joseph Valentine, Ellsworth 1Lt PX Officer Vallanti, Doninic R. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Van Gorder, Wilbur F. Cpl Aerial Gunner KIA Van Hoof, Manuel J. Sgt Van Nest, Arthue C. T/Sgt Bombsight Mechanic Van Vleck, William H. T/Sgt Armament Spec. Van Vliete, Sydney B. 1Lt Pilot Van Wagner, Fred W. 2Lt Vance, John F. S/Sgt Vanmarter, John O. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Varallo, Angelo S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Vasseur, Edmond A. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Vaughn, Kenneth D. Cpl Violante, Joseph A. Sgt Clerk Typist Vogelsong, Arthur M. Sgt Aerial Gunner VonKotzebue, Arthur M. S/Sgt Psych. Assistant W    
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Wade, Theodore F. Sgt Instrument Spec. Wade, Walter L. 1Lt Bombardier Wafer, George Sgt Radio Waite, Edward B. Jr Capt Pilot Wall, James A. Pvt Walla, Jas Wallace, Ernest T. Jr 1Lt Pilot Wallis, Todd A. Sgt Walsh,Joseph J. 1Lt Pilot Walsh, Patrick J. S/Sgt Airplane Armoer Walsh, Rober F. Sgt Cryptographer Waltham, Peter Wanderer, Stephen A. 2Lt Pilot KIA Wanko, Sgt Cook Ward, Lyle E. F/O Pilot Ward, Randolph A. Cpl Aerial Gunner Warinsky, Edward J. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Warren, Harry H. Cpl Wasson, S/Sgt Wathen, James C. Pfc Watkins, Willard W. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Watson, Alto V. Capt Provost Marshal Watters, Henry L. M/Sgt Communications Chief Weatherly, Edison C. Maj Pilot Weaver, Charles M. F/O Pilot KIA Webb, Gerald B. 1Lt Special Services Ofc. Webb, Paul G. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner CATF Weber, Frederick J. Sr. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Weber, Jesse C. 1Lt Pilot Weber, Leon N. T/Sgt Bombardier Weber, Wesley D. 1Lt Nav-Bomb Webster, Floyd E. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA 02/06/44 Webster, ? 1Lt Chaplain Weeks, Kennon S. Cpl Postal Clerk Weigel, Jacob F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Weiss, Jack Sgt Clerk Typist Welch, John Jr. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA Welford, Ewell L. Sgt Weslowski, Francis S. S/Sgt West, Leslie A. Cpl Engine Mechanic Whipple, William H. M/Sgt Airplane Armorer White, Samuel M. 2Lt Pilot KIA White, Troy M. Sgt Clerk Typist White, James M. 1Lt Lead Navigator Whitman, Donald H. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Whitmore, Donald M. Wilcox, William H. Capt Nav-Bomb Wild, John F/O Pilot Wildner, Carl R. Capt Lead Navigator Wiley, John P. Pfc ` Wilkerson, Ewell F. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Willeford, Wallace M. Sgt Clerk Typist Willes, Charles G. LtCol Pilot Willett, John Jr. S/Sgt Aircraft Maint Williams, Burch 1Lt Navigator CATF Williams, Charles Sgt Aerial Photo-Gunner Williams, James W. Capt Pilot & Ops Officer Williams , John H. Capt Pilot & Ops Officer Williamson, Carl M. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Wilmore, Cleland E. 1Lt Pilot Wilson, Dean R. Wilson, Elbert E. Sgt Aircraft Maint Wilson, Jack K. 1Lt Pilot Wilson, Jack H. 1Lt Pilot Wilt, William N. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Winchell, Deane J. S/Sgt Sheet Metal Worker Wingard, James T. T/Sgt Aircraft Maint Wink, Robert A. 2Lt Navigator Winn, William J. Pfc Wirth, Jack S. 2Lt Pilot Wirth, Joseph 1Lt Pilot KIA 05/29/45 Wise, Dale C. Sgt Engine Mechanic Wisenant, Wilbur L. T/Sgt Communications Chief Wolfe, James W. Jr S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Wolfe, Merle R. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Wood, Denslow E. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Wooley, Leslie A. II S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Worland, Luis F. 1Lt Bombardier KIA Worley, James H. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Wright, Charles E. Sgt Radio-Gunner Wright, Charles F. Jr Pvt Intelligence NCO Wright, George W. Capt Nav-Bomb Wright, Millard Sgt Wright, Pender T. 1Lt Supply Officer Wyatt, Louis G. T/Sgt X    
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No names beginning with "X" Y    
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Yavorsky, Ethel 1Lt Nurse Yeater, Irvin G. Cpl Yeck, Robert K. 1Lt Lead Nav-Bomb Yenne, Jack M. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Young, Earl L. Young, James M. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Young, Marshall KIA Youngblood, Francis J. S/Sgt Yount, James R. Cpl Orderly Room Clerk Z    
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Zabel, Paul F. Sgt Refuling Unit Zaborski, Eugene H. Sgt Engine Mechanic Zajac, Stanley G. Sgt Aircraft Maint Zalk, Pvt Zecher, George E. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Zera, Thomas P. Sgt Aerial Gunner KIA Ziegenbusch, Catherine 1Lt Nurse Ziehler, Allen S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Zillman, William R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Zook, Walter I Pfc    
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