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490th Bomb Squadron
Personnel Roster
1942 - 1945

Names of 490th Bomb Squadron members (1942- 45) have been added based on the information we received from veterans of the Squadron, or their families.  Our very special THANKS, go out to; Sig Krostue (490th Adjutant) for his years of compiling and maintaining the roster cards, Don Harkins (490th navigator) for many, many hours of finding and typing names and duty assignments, and Phil Harkins, Don's son, for the many hours of tracking down more 'Bridge Busters.'  VERY WELL DONE GUYS!!!!!!!!
Every precaution has been taken to be accurate.   If you have corrections or additions, please EMAIL US at

341st_bmgp_ww2 at usaaf-in-cbi dot com

The Squadron Personnel are listed in lastname, firstname order!
Men who flew the "Tokyo Raid" with Doolitte have an asterisk (*) behind their duty title.


Aaren, Ivan E.		S/Sgt			
Abodeely, Arthur G	S/Sgt			
Abrahamson, Glen M.	Cpl			
Abele, Charles H.	Cpl			
Abramowitz, George	Cpl	Mechanic
Abramson, Albert F. Jr	Cpl			
Ackerman, Guy P.	S/Sgt			
Adams, William L.	1Lt	Navigator	
Adronjie, Joe		Sgt	Radio-Gunner
Agnew, William J.	S/Sgt	Mechanic
Ahlm, John A.		Capt	Pilot
Aidio, Aimo Y.		Pfc			
Aiken, William H.	1Lt		
Akey, J.C.		S/Sgt	Engineer-Gunner
Alber, Ralph F.		Pfc	Mechanic
Albert, Gerald P.	Cpl			
Albright, Morton K.	Sgt	Crew Chief
Alcorn, Max D.		1Lt	Navigator
Alexander, Preston S.	S/Sgt	Engineer-Gunner
Alexander, Edward	1Lt	Pilot
Alexopoulos, Freddie B.	Pfc			
Alford, William A.	Cpl			
Alfred, John F.		Sgt	Maintenance
Allen, Walter D.	Capt	Pilot	
Allen, Albert L.	S/Sgt			
Allis, Peter P.		Sgt	Crew Chief
Alm, Adolph W.		Sgt	Tech Supply
Alonso, Jose B.		Pvt			
Altman, 		Sgt	Gunner
Amendola, Charles	Pfc	Parachute Rigger
Amrine, William G.	Sgt			
Amylon, Sidney R.	1Lt	Pilot
Anderson, Charles D.	S/Sgt	Mechanic	
Anderson, Edward M.	S/Sgt	Tail Gunner
Anderson, Kenneth W.	Sgt			
Anderson, Oliver W.	S/Sgt			
Anderson, PalmerB.	Sgt	Armorer
Anderson, R.A.		Sgt	Engineering
Anderson, Vernon S.	Cpl			
Andrews, John		S/Sgt	Armorer-Gunner	MIA
Andrews, Phillip J	S/Sgt	Gunner	
Andrews, Philip		Sgt			
Androshie, Joe		S/Sgt	Gunner
Angell, Arthur F.	Sgt			
Ankley, Woodrow C	M/Sgt			
Anuszkiewicz, Robert W.	1Lt	Pilot
Applegate, Harry E.	S/Sgt	Crew Chief
Arfewdson, Alfred A	Cpl			
Armijo, Ben G		Pvt			
Armstrong, Robert J.	S/Sgt			
Arnold, Leonard C.	1Lt	Pilot
Arnold, Tommy R. Jr.	2Lt			
Astalos, Andrew J.	S/Sgt			
Aston, Gilbert M.	Sgt			
Atkins, Don F.		Sgt	Gunner		KIA
Atwater, Edward C.	Cpl			
Aulwes, Bud L.		Pfc			
Austen, Richard G.	1Lt	Navigator	
Avrea, Walter C.	Sgt			
Ayala, Robert J.	S/Sgt			
Ayer, Bernard W.	S/Sgt			
Ayes, Theodore D.	Cpl			

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Baca, Valentine A. Pvt Badgwell, William D. T/Sgt Bailey, Henry E. Sgt Ordnance Bailey, John C. S/Sgt Baird, Robert A. T/Sgt Gunner KIA Baker, Raymond Sgt Gunner MIA Bakker, Frederick J. T/Sgt Ordnance Bakunas, Jerome V. Sgt Crew Chief Balakier, Vincent P. S/Sgt Gunner Baldwin, Robert J. Pvt Ball, Quentin O. 1Lt Pilot Balog, Steve Cpl Ordnance Bankhead, James L. S/Sgt Gunner KIA Banta, Derwent C. Sgt Gunner Barber, Woodrow T Cpl Barella , William E. Sgt Communications Barkley, Ulysus Q. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Barkume, Leo G. Cpl Barnoskie, Mayo Cpl Armament Barrett, Joseph J. S/Sgt Ordnance Barrie, Kenneth M. Sgt Operations Clerk Bartz, Carl H. T/Sgt Bashinski, Izzie Jr. S/Sgt Gunner Bauer, Clyde D. 2Lt Navigator MIA Baum, William L. Cpl Transportation Beall, Clyde F. 1Lt Pilot Beck, Ernest E. Jr. S/Sgt Crew Chief Becker, Marston L. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Beckman, Martin W. Sgt Gunner Bedar, Nicholas Sgt Beitstock, Jacob I. Pvt Belanger, Alphadge J. Pvt Bell, Howard F. Capt Engineering Off. Bellos, George F. Jr. 1Lt Benevit, Anthony W. S/Sgt Bennett, Robert F. 1Lt Pilot Bennett, Thomas Pvt Bergeren, Ellecram P. S/Sgt Bernardo, Matthew Pvt Berquist, Robert H. Cpl Medic Berry, Leslie V. 1Lt Berry, Robert K. Capt Pilot Bethke, Ernest J. Pfc MIA Beuxkermann, Francis N. Cpl Bevins, Rex J. 2Lt KIA Bick, Arthur A. Pvt Bickle, William F. Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Bietsch, Harry E. S/Sgt Armorer Biland, Edward L. S/Sgt Engineer Bindsey, James C. Pvt Bishop, Chester R. Cpl Bishop, Elvin V. 2Lt Pilot MIA Bishop, Robert F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Blackwell, Robert I. Pfc Mechanic Blaine, Victor O. M/Sgt Line Chief Blake, George J. Cpl Blandin, Hubert A. 1Lt Navigator Blass, Leroy A. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Blatt, Charles A. Sgt Crew Chief Block, Walter E. T/Sgt Crew Chief Blodgett, Robert W. Pvt Mechanic Bloodworth, L.P. 1Lt Navigator Blumer, Philip E. 1Lt KIA Blunt, Henry M. T/Sgt Bly, Robert B. T/Sgt Crew Chief Bock, Harold T. Cpl Mechanic Boreing, William R. Cpl Painter Bogart, Walter E. 1Lt Navigator KIA Bognar, George S. Sgt Bohmback, Gordon F. Sgt Bolton, Edward M. Unknown Clerk/Typist Bombei, Richard P. Cpl Bonde, Richard E 1Lt Bonner, Frank A. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA, 25 Sep 43 Bonneville, Joseph R. S/Sgt Boutselis, Angelo J Capt Pilot Bowden, John B. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner MIA Bowles, Gerald D. S/Sgt Bradley, Ithel D. 1Lt Pilot Bradrick, Marion E. Sgt Ordnance Bradshaw, James H. Pvt Brahin, Marvin S/Sgt Radio-Gunner MIA Brandon, Kenneth E. Pvt Branin, Nelson F. Jr. Sgt Armament Specialist Branning, Edward L. Cpl Crew Chief Brasseaux, Marion Cpl Brasteter, Henry E. Sgt Breakie, Robert S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Breckenridge, Harold E. Cpl Mail Clerk Breeden, Manual G. Pvt Brelsford, Samuel J. Cpl Radio Operator Brem, Leonard J. S/Sgt Brennan, John P. Sgt Engineer Brennan, Kenneth P. Cpl Brennan, Timothy J S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Breschner, David Cpl Brigham, James A. 1Lt Briley, Maurice F. Sgt Mechanic Brill, Benjamin Jr. 1Lt Navigator Brisco, Harry A. T/Sgt Crew Chief Bristol, Thomas A. Cpl Britten, Leland A. 1Lt Broughall, Thomas A. S/Sgt Brown, Albert L. Cpl Brown, Hallet E. Sgt Ordnance Brown, Jackson W. Cpl Brown, James W. Capt Navigator Brown, Marshall L. 2Lt Brown, Paul F. S/Sgt Browning, Frank D. 1Lt Brubaker, Samuel H 1Lt Brumback, Hassel L. 1Lt Pilot Brunn, Arthur W. Sgt Bryant, James C. S/Sgt Gunner Bryant, John M. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Bryce, Ross M. 2Lt Pilot Buchholz, Arthur J. Sgt Clerk Buff, John E. Pvt Bullock, Thomas C. Sgt Bunger , Gordon R. S/Sgt Gunner Burch, Benjamin F. 1Lt Pilot Burdick, Stuart C. 1Lt Navigator Burketta, Victor R. S/Sgt Burleigh, Van G. Pfc Burlingame, Louis S/Sgt Burnette, Cloid J. S/Sgt Burnham, Vance R. Cpl Burns, William G 1Lt Bush, Glen L. Pvt Bussey, Joe L. 1Lt Pilot Button, Forrest R. F/O Buyle, Richard C. S/Sgt Armorer C    
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Cade, Earl R. Sgt Ground Crew Cain, Lawrence D. S/Sgt Cain, Thomas G. 1Lt Pilot Cakert, Thomas F. Capt Pilot Caldwell, Robert B. S/Sgt Calhoun, John F. Capt Ordnance Officer Campbell, A.F. Pvt Campbell, Adelbert W. 2Lt Campbell, Floyd M. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner MIA Campbell, Granville M Capt Intelligence Campbell, Herschel E. 2Lt Pilot Campbell, Max E. Pvt Campbell, Robert L. S/Sgt Canade, Vincent F. S/Sgt Cannon, Forrest G. Pfc Cook Canup, Robert R. M/Sgt Line Chief Cappelli, Bernard C. Pfc Gunner Carlson, Robert S. 2Lt Navigator Carlson, Talford C. Pfc Ordnance Carpenter, Dana P. T/Sgt Crew Chief Carr, Charles E. Pvt Carr, Paul J. Pvt Carroll, James T. S/Sgt Carroll, William L. S/Sgt Carson, Roy G. Cpl Carter, Fred T. S/Sgt Armament Carver, Floyd C. Cpl Ordnance Cassada, Oscar H. Cpl Cassady, Harold P. Sgt Cassidy, Russell S/Sgt Photographer Cassidy, William J. Sgt Castle, Roy V. Cpl Bombsite Maint. Caswell, Jacob Pvt Cates, James 1Lt Navigator / S-2 Catlette, William H. S/Sgt Caudel, Everett C. 1Lt Pilot Cavanaugh, Henry F. Capt Cavey, James E. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Caywood, Alvyn M. Pfc Ordnance Ceek, Myren L. 1Lt Chamberlain, Don C. S/Sgt Chamberlain, Frank T. M/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Chapin, Wesley A. Jr. Pvt Chapman, George W. 1Lt Pilot Chappell, Harold B. Sgt Cook Charbonneau, Harry J. Cpl Radio-Gunner KIA Charon, Henry O. Pvt Cherne, Michael Pfc Chibnik, Albert S/Sgt Radio-Gunner MIA Childs, Milfred H Cpl Chirden, Jacob G. S/Sgt Christensen, Andrew R. Pfc Christensen, Gene A. 2Lt Pilot Missing, Admin. Flt. Christensen, Orville L 1Lt Christie, Thomas W. M/Sgt Christy, John Y. Capt Pilot KIA Chun, Frank Y. Cpl Clancey, James N. Pfc Crew Chief Clark, Arthur Jr. Sgt Clark, Edward F. F/O Pilot Clark, Jack L. Sgt Clark, William L. 2Lt Bombardier KIA Clausen, Wayne T. Sgt Clayton, Billy W. 1Lt Pilot Clayton, James W. S/Sgt Clemens, Clarence M. Pfc Clemens, Frank J. Cpl Clemens, Merle M. Cpl Ordnance Clemente, Edward M. Sgt Clements, Walter E. Sgt Engineer Climer, Henry J. Sgt Crew Chief Clopton, Lloyd F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Cloud, Clayton D. S/Sgt Clunn, Harry T. 2Lt KIA Cobb, Haskell T. S/Sgt Engine Mechanic Cobb, J.D. Sgt Engineer-Gunner MIA Cochrane, Charles E. S/Sgt Cogburn, Walter R. Sgt 341st Group S4 Cohen, Benjamin Pvt Cole, Robert P. 1Lt Pilot Cole, William P. Capt Pilot Collier, Charles C. Sgt Armament Collins, Francis Sgt Engine Mechanic Collins, Matthew J. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Combes, Jack M. Pfc Connerly, Clarence H Jr M/Sgt Line Chief Connolly, Michael F. T/Sgt Cook, James W. Sgt Aircraft Armorer Cook, Vernon S. S/Sgt Gunner Cook, Wallace L. Cpl Cook, William E. 1Lt Pilot KIA Coons, Robert A. 1Lt Pilot MIA Cooper, Fred V. Jr. 2Lt Navigator KIA Cooper, John R. Cpl Corcoran, Thomas J. S/Sgt Corley, Charles A. Sgt Crew Chief Corradine, Louis J. S/Sgt MIA Costanzo, Gabriel W. S/Sgt Aerial Gunner Costello, Eugene Cpl Cowden, Joseph L. Cpl Cowen, Hiram M. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Cowie, James C. Sgt KIA Cowles, George R. Pvt Cox, Charles L. T/Sgt Cox, Delbert E. Pvt Coynes, William J. Unknown Craig, Harry R. Sgt Crane, James D. S/Sgt Craven, Homer H. Cpl Gunner Cressy, David L. 1Lt Croce, Leon A. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Cross, Elden D. 1Lt Pilot Cuccia, Frank C. Pvt Cummings, George J. M/Sgt Aircraft Insp. Cummings, Richard B. S/Sgt Cummins, Edward J Sgt Tail Gunner Cunningham, John M. Pfc Currie, Maurice L. Sgt Curtis, Wilbur R. Sgt Cusimano, Gezue G. Cpl Czerwinski, Walter J. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA D   
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D'Auria, Alphonse A. Cpl Dalton, Booker H. Pvt Daly, Paul A. Sgt Danker, Herman D. S/Sgt Ordnance Dann, John W. Sgt Ordnance David, Paul L. S/Sgt Supply Davis, Charles A. S/Sgt Davis, Charles N. S/Sgt KIA Davis, Edwin U. 1Lt Davis, Gilbert D. S/Sgt Davis, James A. Pfc Dawe, Gilbert A. Cpl Daws, Eugene B. Sgt Radio Dean, James L. Pvt Dean, Wilbert S/Sgt Armament DeBenedictis, Robert P. 2Lt DeCarlis, Frank N. F/O Pilot DeCoteau, Malcolm W. Pvt DeFoggia, Ernest T/Sgt Transportation DeLapp, Louis A. Capt Pilot MIA DeLorenzo, John J. Sgt Gunner Delventhal, Harold W. F/O Denley, Thomas A. Sgt Denney, Max E. T/Sgt Dennisen, Charles N. Jr 1Lt Denny, Clarence E. Sgt Denton, Stewart N. Cpl Deo, Jack R. T/Sgt DePalma, Umberte 1Lt Pilot Missing, Admin. Flt. DePew, Harry M 1Lt Pilot Desantis, Daniel S/Sgt Dethlefsen, Robert E. Capt Pilot Devine, William H. Jr 1Lt Navigator Dick, Robert H. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner DiDonato, Alfred Sgt Ordnance Diepenbrock, Elmer V. Cpl Dietz, Frederick C. 1Lt Pilot Dill, Warren F. Cpl Dishongh, Jefferson B. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Disnard, George F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Distefano, Sam Sgt Dittmar, Charles H. Pfc Divver, Joseph P. 1Lt Pilot Dixon, Bert C. Sgt Dixon, George W. Cpl Engineer-Gunner MIA Dixon, Richard M. S/Sgt Dobbins, George W.Jr. Pvt Gunner KIA Dolan, Raymond F. Cpl Donald, Remsen D. 1Lt Dormier, Amel A. S/Sgt Dostellio, Tony M. Pvt Medic Dotson, Floyd L Pvt Dougherty, Frank E. 2Lt Navigator Douglas, Charles E. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Douglas, George H. Pvt Dowdy, Robert D. 1Lt Bombardier Drapeau, George B. 1Lt Navigator Draper, Thomas J. T/Sgt Druck, Harold L. M/Sgt Drummey, Robert D. 1Lt Pilot MIA Drummond, Robert M. Sgt Cook Dubawsky, David T/Sgt DuCotey, Carl C. Sgt Dudkowski, Joseph E. Pvt Dugan, William H. 1Lt Pilot Dugas, Albert J. 2Lt Pilot KIA Duke, John D. S/Sgt Photo/Tail Gunner Dunn, Frederick J. S/Sgt Durkee, Leslie R. Jr. 2Lt Bombardier KIA Durkis, Raymond E. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Dwiggins, John B Capt Chaplain Dworkin, Abraham S/Sgt Engineer Dyar, Clyde L. M/Sgt Line Chief Dyess, Inmon J. S/Sgt E    
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Earley, Francis J. Sgt Easley, James C. S/Sgt Easterlin, David F. Pfc Eastwood, William R. Pvt Ebel, George Pvt Echard, James W. Sgt Clerk Typist Eckel, Hugh O. T/Sgt Engineering Economous, George J Sgt Edge, Norton L. Jr. S/Sgt Edvenson, GaylordM. 1Lt Pilot Edwards, Mervin R. Sgt Welder Edwards, Walter E. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Eelman, Garrett R S/Sgt Gunner Eidsaune, Robert E. Pvt Elchert, Wilfred H. Jr. Sgt Gunner Elders, Bill P. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner MIA Ellenwood, Lester D. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Ellis, Gral H. 1Lt Pilot ElMezza, John J. Cpl Emmons, William J. Pfc Transportation Engesath, Carl W. Pvt Epperson, Eugene C. S/Sgt Erdin, Robert A. LtCol Pilot / C.O. Erickson, Howard M. 1Lt Pilot Ernquist, Carl E. Pvt Eshelman, Wilbur Pvt Cook Espesito, Carmine A. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner MIA Essegian, Howard J. Cpl Eth, Herbert L. Sgt Gunner Evenson, Ernest L. 1Lt Pilot MIA Everall, Francis B. 2Lt Pilot MIA Everett, Lewis G. Sgt Trans./Sheet Metal Everett, Ralph W. Capt Pilot Ewalt, John C. 1Lt Pilot Ewing, Clayton H. S/Sgt KIA F    
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Fairchild, Robert E. 2Lt Faircloth, Vernon S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Faitelson, Eli S/Sgt Falk, Florian P. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Falkowski, Eugene F. Cpl Gunner KIA Fall, Stanley J. S/Sgt Farrand, Cecil A. 1Lt Pilot Farrell, Edward Cpl Engineer-Gunner KIA Farrington, Ramond F. Jr 1Lt Bombardier Faulkner, Frank W. Capt Gunnery Officer Fee, Lee C. S/Sgt Feeney, John B. S/Sgt Feldtman, Ernest F. S/Sgt Motor Pool Fernbaugh, Richard M. 1Lt Ferris, George S. S/Sgt Fey, Marvin W. 1Lt Pilot Fidler, Hubert M. T/Sgt Crew Chief Fine, Harold W. Cpl Finley, Howard H. Cpl Finney, Frank M. 2Lt Pilot MIA Fish, Ralph L. 1Lt Fisher, Harry A. Jr 1Lt Pilot Fitzgerald, Harry E. Pfc Fitzgerald, Richard C. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Fitzgibbons, Eugene E. Sgt Radio Operator Fjeldheim, Orville 2Lt Pilot Flanagan, Ambrose J. S/Sgt Flanagan, John M. Sgt Radio-Gunner MIA Fleming, David T. Capt Pilot Fleming, Samuel A. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Fluegel, Clifford H. Sgt Foley, Michael F. Pvt Engineer-Gunner MIA Folkler, George A. Cpl Follert, Vincent G. Cpl MIA Fondren, Robert W. S/Sgt Radio--Gunner Forness, Gail R. S/Sgt Forness, Robert G. Cpl Clerk/Typist Foster, Kenneth W. 1Lt Navigator MIA Fowler, James T. 1Lt Fowler, Thomas W. S/Sgt Gunner Francis, Dean M. 2Lt Navigator MIA Frank, Bruce Sgt Franke, Darwin L. 1Lt Pilot Fravega, John J. Sgt Frei, Clayton H. Cpl French, Karl H. 2Lt KIA Frey, Leslie R. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Friel, Raymond J. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Frildman, Joseph J. 2Lt Fritz, Paul S. S/Sgt Mechanic / Brakes Frost, James B. T/Sgt Crew Chief Frost, John P. 1Lt Navigator Fullerton, Floyd B. F/O Pilot KIA G    
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Gabel, George T. 1Lt Pilot Gagliane, Joseph Jr. 1Lt Gallemore, William C. 1Lt Pilot Gallio, John J. Sgt Gunner MIA Galvin, Thomas R. Pfc Garcia, Rafael Jr. Cpl Gardner, Henry P. F/O Garrett, Warren A. T/Sgt Crew Chief Garrison, John H. S/Sgt Radio Operator Gatling, James S. Sgt Gatzke, Peter S. S/Sgt Gaughorn, Harold R. Cpl Crew Chief Gavazza, Alde D. 1Lt Pilot Geering, Gilbert H. Pvt Gehert, Ardell W. 2Lt Gemez, Frank D. 1Lt MIA George, David N. T/Sgt Crew Chief Germaine, Albert E. S/Sgt KIA Gerst, Jimmy O. Sgt Getman, Charles A. T/Sgt Crew Chief Getson, James Cpl Getzel, Aaren H. Capt Gifford, Stanley B. Cpl Gill, Kenneth J. 1Lt Admin Officer Gill, Kermit A. 1Lt Admin Gill, Lew W. Pfc Gilman, Edward I S/Sgt Gilman, Maurice Sgt Tech Supply Gilman, Robert G. S/Sgt Girardet, Richard J. S/Sgt Glass, Clifford H. S/Sgt Glass, Richard E. S/Sgt Gluvna, William R. 1Lt Pilot Goccia, David O. Pvt Godfrey, Billy F. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Goldman, Milton I. 1Lt Navigator Goodloe, George T. Sgt Goodwin, Richard F. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Gordon, Raymond M/Sgt 1ST Sergeant Gorenstein, George Cpl Gorham, H.W. Cpl Engineer-Gunner KIA Goriz, Henry Sgt Gosch, Alexander J. S/Sgt Gottesman, Samuel S. S/Sgt Graber, Alfred G. S/Sgt Grady, Charles F. S/Sgt Ordnance Graf, Phillip S/Sgt Photo Lab Tech Gragnanello, Vincent S/Sgt Graham, Frank J. S/Sgt Grannis, Herbert H. Major Executive Officer Graves, James M. 1Lt Graves, Maurice W. 1Lt Pilot Gray, Charles W. Sgt Gunner Gray, John D. S/Sgt Gray, William G. Pvt Green, Frederick D. S/Sgt Green, Paul D. 1Lt Pilot Green, Verlie U. 2Lt Pilot Greene, James S. S/Sgt Greenlee, Charles H. Sgt Greenwell, Ivo R. T/Sgt Ordnance Greever, Edgar P. 1Lt Gregory, James S. Cpl Armorer Greidus, Stanley J. S/Sgt Gunner Griffin, Arbun K. Pvt Groff, Gaylord G. 1Lt Pilot MIA Groninger, Henry L. 1Lt Bombardier Gross, Robert E. 1Lt Grosse, Vincent P. S/Sgt Grosser, Alfred E. Cpl Grotkowski, Edward J. S/Sgt Grubalski, Leo A. Pvt Guard, Alfred F. Cpl Gunthrop, Thomas L 1Lt Gursansky, Frank W. 1Lt Gustafson, Roy E. S/Sgt Gutierrez, Samuel H. Pfc Guy, Harry E. Pfc H    
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Haarbauer, Homer C. 1Lt Bombardier Hagen, Marcellus B. Cpl Haggerty, Charles F. S/Sgt Eng-Gunner KIA, 25 Sep 43 Hair, Judson E. 2Lt Pilot Halatsis, Alexander W. 1Lt Hall, Alton T. T/Sgt Hall, Bernard A. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Hall, Hubert 1Lt Hallisey, James F. Pvt Halterman, William H. 1Lt Pilot MIA Hamill, Walter G. 1Lt Hamilton, Alvain Cpl Hampson, Joseph J. Pvt Hampton, Henry C. 1Lt Bombardier MIA Hannaford, Gerald K. Capt Pilot Hannes, Emmett C. 1Lt Pilot Hansen, John P. Pvt Hansen, Ralph R. Pfc Chaplain Asst Hansen, Robert A. 1Lt Pilot KIA Hansen, Robert W. 1Lt Pilot Hanson, Andy K. Pvt Harbes, William W. S/Sgt Hardy, John M. 2Lt Pilot KIA Hardy, Kenneth A. 1Lt Pilot MIA Harkins, Donald N. 1Lt Navigator Harkins, Harold E. Capt Engineering Officer Harkison, Robert D. Cpl PX Clerk Harms, Arnold G. S/Sgt Gunner Harrington, Edgar E Capt Harris, Charles G. Cpl Airplane Armorer Harris, Donald Sgt Harris, Reginald C. S/Sgt Harris, Wallace J Pfc Harrison, Charles W. Sgt Harrison, Guy A. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Hart, Ike C. Jr. 1Lt Pilot Hart, Joseph M. Jr. Cpl Hart, Wayne M. S/Sgt Harvey, Thomas W. Sgt Gunner Hathaway, Gerald L. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Hathaway, Ray W. Cpl Haversack, Warren W. S/Sgt Gunner Hawks, Charles E. T/Sgt Crew Chief Hawley, William R. Capt Communications Ofcr. Hayden, George B. 1Lt Pilot Haynie, Emery W. Jr. 1Lt Healey, John J. S/Sgt Heen, Jew Y. Pfc Heffernan, John J. Jr. 1Lt Navigator MIA Hegman, Wayne E. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner MIA Heiser, John C. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Helms, Arthur S. S/Sgt Henderson, Clayton. Cpl Henderson, William F. Cpl Hendricks, Howard C. Capt Hendrix, Robert H. Sgt Hennessy, William T. Jr 2Lt Pilot KIA Henry, Allen W. Sgt Armorer Henry, William W. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Henton, Glen W. Sgt Clerk/Typist Herdt, Lester C.Jr. S/Sgt Herre, Russell A. Capt Intelligence Hessinger, Cloyd R.Jr. Cpl Hews, Warren G. Cpl Engineer-Gunner MIA Hibser, Victor J. Sgt Sheet Mtal Hickory, Howard J. Cpl Carpenter Hicks, William T. S/Sgt Higgins, Kenneth W. Sgt Gunner Hildroth, Elmer L. M/Sgt Orderly Room Hilgefort, William J.Jr. 1Lt Hill, Clarence W. Cpl Hill, Melvin F. Sgt Hinckley, Lawrence I. S/Sgt Hinds, Joseph M. Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Hintz, Thomas E. Pvt Hobbs, Joe H. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Hodge, William L. Sgt KIA Hodson, James G. S/Sgt Hoeniz, James F. Cpl Gunner MIA Hoffman, Harrison B.W. 1Lt Pilot Hohenberger, Jack J. S/Sgt Armament Hohner, Jerome J Sgt Radio-Gunner MIA Holloway, Walter J. S/Sgt Holly, Robert J. 2Lt Pilot MIA Hooper, Maurice R. 1Lt Pilot Hoover, William D. T/Sgt Instrument Maint Hored, Doyle M. S/Sgt Horeen, Lt. MIA Horner, Ernest F. Jr. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Horney, Dale T. 1Lt Pilot Howie, Walter Sgt Radio-Gunner Huber, Richard J. 1Lt Pilot Huffman, Ralph R. Sgt Mechanic / Gunner Huffman, Raymond L S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Hugentugler, Richard L. Sgt Hughes, Edwin G. Jr. S/Sgt Armorer Hughes, Francis A. S/Sgt Transportation Humphrey, Vernon M. Sgt Transportation Hunsberger, Paul R. Sgt Cook Huntington, Edward I. 2Lt Pilot Hurlburt, Alver L. Sgt Radio-Gunner Huston, Robert M. Pvt Hutchens, Vaudner C. Sgt Hyde, George 1Lt Navigator Hyde, Robert P. S/Sgt I    
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Iari, James A. Cpl Ordnance Iarossi, Richard V. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Ingham, Robert S. S/Sgt Ingranville, Clifford L. Cpl Insana, Pete J. Cpl Israel, Arthur A. Cpl Cook J    
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Jaceks, Edward S. T/Sgt Crew Chief Jackson, Ervin R. Pvt Jackson, Norman V. 1Lt Jackson, Robert S/Sgt Gunner Jacobsen, Emel Pfc Jacobsen, Selmer M. 1Lt Pilot Jaffe, Theodore H. Capt Jaffee, Herman Sgt James, Jesse L. S/Sgt Elec.Maint. Jansen, Henry G. S/Sgt Janson, Eugene A. Sgt Jarvis, George B. Pfc Armorer Jenkins, Arthur D. Sgt Jenkins, Charles T. S/Sgt Jerke, Elmer A. Cpl Jervis, Charles R. S/Sgt Cryptographer Jett, John L. 1Lt Pilot Jewett, Herbert J. 1Lt Navigator KIA Johner, Harry E. S/Sgt Johnson, Erwin C. 1Lt Johnson, George N. Pvt Johnson, H. Earl Cpl Airplane Armorer Johnson, Henry W. 2Lt Bombardier MIA Johnson, Jack S/Sgt Johnson, Oscar L. S/Sgt Johnson, Richard H. Maj Pilot Johnson, Stanislus J. Pvt Johnson, Thomas W. 2Lt Johnson, Ward V. S/Sgt Johnson, Willard O. 1Lt Pilot KIA Johnston, Lee M. T/Sgt Photo Lab Johnston, Stanley J. Pvt Johnston, Walter L. S/Sgt Jones, Ancel L. Pvt Jones, David A. 1Lt Pilot Jones, Lawrence E. S/Sgt Jones, William T. Major Pilot Joyner, Lonnie B. Sgt Juchnik, Felix E. Pfc Ordnance Julian, Robert W. 2Lt Ordnance K    
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Kadanka, Victor D. Capt Pilot Kadlecik, Martin J. S/Sgt Ordnance Kahn, Martin S/Sgt Kalecinski, Roman Sgt Kane, Leo F. Sgt Kapika, Robert E. Pvt Kaplan, William 1Lt Karschner, Donald F. Capt Pilot Kase, John A. Sgt Kazulas, Joseph G. Pvt Keeling, Jasper Cpl Keers, William R. S/Sgt Keesee, Hewey F. S/Sgt Keffer, LeRoy Sgt Kelley, Winfred J. Pvt Kelly, Earl D. Cpl Kelly, James L. Sgt Kelly, Thomas P. Jr. T/Sgt Kendrick, Chester A. 1Lt Pilot Kennedy, William H. Sgt Kenner, John W. 2Lt Navigator MIA Kenney, Leo J. 1Lt Pilot Kenny, George W. Sgt Kepel, Bernard T/Sgt Kerley, Jack Pfc Kimer, George E. Sgt Kinder, Edward L. Pvt Kindler, Jack S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner King, Breadus R. S/Sgt King, Gari F. Capt Pilot King, Robert J. S/Sgt Gunner Kingswan, Victor Pfc Ordnance Kinsley, Edward J. Jr. Sgt Kinsman, Lowel E. S/Sgt Kipp, Harold C. S/Sgt Admin Kirk, William H. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Kirkpatrick, Bruce H. 1Lt Pilot Kirkwood, Joseph A. S/Sgt Orderly Room Kitta, Edmund L. Capt Pilot Kjosa, Walter O. Sgt Instrument Tech. Klein, Bernard D. Cpl Knerr, Wilbur C. Sgt Airplane Armorer Knight, Derrell L. Cpl Knight, Thomas J. Sgt Knokey, Douglas G. Sgt Airplane Armorer Knowlton, Robert D. 1Lt Pilot Koch, Eugene C. Sgt Koch, Roderic C. S/Sgt Koelling, Carl W. T/Sgt Kolber, Charles L. F/O Koloff, Bernard 1Lt Komm, Edward C. S/Sgt Operations Kontio, John W. Sgt Kosta, Aposto Pfc Ordnance KIA Kovac, George S/Sgt Kowalski, Stanley J. Pfc Ordnance Koziara, Stanley V. Capt Armament Kozlowski, Frank J. Pfc Kozma, Frank S/Sgt Kraak, Robert P. Cpl Amorer Kramer, Robert M. M/Sgt Crew Chief Krieger, Calvin O. 1Lt Navigator Kroker, Raymond G. 1Lt Navigator Krostue, Sigurd W. Capt Adjutant Kruska, Lee S. Sgt Intelligence Kuhns, Holden N. 1Lt Pilot Kukar, Edward T. Cpl Medic Kulesza, Peter J. S/Sgt Kuntz, George R. S/Sgt Kunz, Edward C. S/Sgt Gunner Kupec, George W. Cpl Armorer L    
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LaMar, George A. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Lamary, Theodore J. Pfc Laminack, Noble L. T/Sgt Crew Chief Lamm, Luther Cpl Lane, Taylor L. S/Sgt Gunner Lanning, Robert K. 1Lt Larimore, Harry J. T/Sgt Crew Chief Larrecou, Emile A. 2Lt Pilot KIA Larsen, Edward R. Jr. 1Lt Pilot Last, George C. Capt Pilot Lawson, Thomas A. Pfc Lee, Bernard Cpl Lee, Berton E. T/Sgt Crew Chief Lees, John H. Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Legel, Francis Sgt Lehman, Earl A.J. Sgt Photo Lab Leibewitz, David 1Lt Navigator Missing, Admin Flt. Leichfman, Karl G. Cpl Leonard, Brunswich W Jr 2Lt Leskew, Myron Sgt Turret Mechanic Lesniak, Edward J. Cpl Lesselbaum, Walter W. Cpl Lester, Posey E. Cpl Levine, Irving W. 1Lt Bombardier Levine, Leo S/Sgt Lewendick, Henry A. S/Sgt Lewis, Lawrence A. Cpl Ligtvoet, John C. Sgt Gunner Linck, Isidore J. Pvt Lind, Jack L. S/Sgt Linder, Young S. S/Sgt Lipson, Leo Cpl Litke, Ralph E. S/Sgt Livingsten, Elias Capt Flight Surgeon Lobello, Peter F. Jr. Pfc Loch, Chester T. S/Sgt Loftin, Leonard W. Pfc Loney, George A. 1Lt Long, George W. Capt Bombardier Lorenz, James A. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Love, Melvin W. S/Sgt Lowe, Franklin E.A. Cpl Gunner MIA Lowe, Harry H. Jr. Sgt Communications Lowe, John A. T/Sgt Radio Maint/Line Chief Lowe, Robert W. 1Lt Administration Lubinsky, Paul Sgt Engine Mechanic Ludeman, Harold A. 1Lt Pilot Luebke, John J. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Luff, Eugene F. T/Sgt Crew Chief Luffman, Carl T. S/Sgt Lundin, Robert J. 1Lt Pilot Lynch, Paul P. S/Sgt Lynch, Robert S/Sgt Gunner Lytle, Everett C. S/Sgt M    
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MacDonald, Donald F. Pvt MacDonald, James D. Jr. 1Lt Pilot Mack, Carl A. Sgt MacKay, Edmund D. Capt Pilot MacKell, John V. S/Sgt Admin Mackitz, Frank Sgt MIA MacLean, Charles E. Cpl MacLeod, Robert H. 1Lt Navigator Macuen, Robert A. 1Lt Mader, John A. Capt Intelligence Mahen, William J. Jr. Sgt Gunner MIA Majeski, Anthony J. 1Lt Navigator Maki, John N. S/Sgt Malovich, Adolph Sgt Radio-Gunner MIA Manch, Jacob E. 1Lt Mancke, Warren E. 1Lt Pilot Maneval, Richard W. Capt Adjutant Manifold, Harold W. 1Lt Bombardier Manijak, Joseph J. S/Sgt Manley, Harold R. S/Sgt Markus, Sylvester 2Lt KIA Marquardt, Wilbur C. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Marrone, Angelo S/Sgt Gunner MIA Martens, Carl H. Cpl Martin, George V. 1Lt Pilot Martin, James S. Cpl Gunner MIA Martin, Louis G. Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Martin, Raymond M. Pvt Martinez, Audoro Pfc Martorana, Joseph F. 1Lt Masen, Elliet 1Lt Bombardier Mason, Robert C. S/Sgt Mathews, Donald E. Cpl Radio-Gunner KIA Mathewson, John T. Cpl Mathewson, Robert D. Pvt Mathill, Alvin P. S/Sgt Gunner Matthews, Emery E. 1Lt Matusik, Henry W. Sgt Maxwell, John M. 1Lt Bombardier Maynard, John F. S/Sgt Mechanic Mayton, Furman E. Pfc Mazzoni, Salvadore A. Pvt McAuliffe, James S. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner McCain, John H. S/Sgt McCarten, Robert D. LtCol Pilot / C.O. McCarthy, Charles L. Sgt McClure, Charles A. 1Lt Pilot McCrary, Thomas R. Sgt Maintenance McDermott, James F. S/Sgt Gunner MIA McDonald, John M. Cpl McDonough, Matthew J. S/Sgt McFann, Paul D. Sgt KIA McFann, Robert J. 1Lt Navigator McGee, Carroll V. Jr. Pfc McGeehon, Carl W. Capt Chaplain McGeorghegan, John J. Cpl Ordnance McGlothlin, Charles G. F/O McIntyre, Cecil C. Sgt Mechanic McIntyre, Willian C. Capt Armament Ofcr. McJury, Kenneth C. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner MIA McKay, Hollis E. Cpl McKay, James A. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner McKenna, Frank M. S/Sgt McLellan, Harry H. Cpl McNeill, Benjamin S. Pvt Means, John W. 2Lt Gunnery Ofcr. Meier, Joseph W. M/Sgt Top Sgt Melamud, Harry M/Sgt Melanson, Herbert C. Sgt Melberg, Robert A. T/Sgt Radio-Gunner Mesnik, Harry T. 1Lt Pilot KIA Michael, Lawrence N. Cpl Mielka, Nelson F. Pvt Mihoc, Michael W. Cpl Ordnance Mikelonis, Vincent P. Cpl Milas, Frank S. S/Sgt Millburn, Richard J. S/Sgt Miller, Denver C. S/Sgt Miller, Herbert C. Sgt KIA Miller, Junior D. Sgt Radio-Gunner Miller, Leroy A. T/Sgt Crew Chief Miller, Lloyd H. Sgt Miller, Melvin E. S/Sgt Gunner Miller, Orval D. Pvt Miller, Raymond E Capt Navigator Miller, Victor E. Sgt Millican, Willard A. Cpl Mitchell, Ansrew J. Sgt Mitchell, Claud R. Sgt Mitchell, Leslie P. Pvt Mohn, Glen W. Sgt Mechanic Monigle, Joseph P. 1Lt Pilot Moore, Arlon R. S/Sgt Moore, Burr B. Sgt Moore, Harley H. S/Sgt Medic Moore, Harold L. Pfc Moore, James S. Cpl Moore, Owen C. Sgt Clerk/Typist Moreen, Robert E. 2Lt Pilot MIA Morelli, Richard E. Cpl Morgan, Donald E. S/Sgt Morgan, Francis I. S/Sgt Morris, Garretson K. Sgt Morris, J.B. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Morris, Thomas F. Sgt Ordnance Morris, Vernon L. Capt Pilot Mortenson, Clifford L. Pfc Ordnance Moser, Edward J. S/Sgt Moss, Donald A. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Moss, John P. 1Lt Pilot Mouse, Scott A. 1Lt Bombardier Moyer, Othel M. Sgt Muckerheid, Louis F. Pfc Mueller, Eugene C. 2Lt MIA Mueller, Joseph A. S/Sgt Mueller, Robert S. 1Lt Pilot Mullinix, Monroe N. 1Lt Mullins, Robert T. 1Lt Pilot KIA Mundell, Paul M. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Munger, Douglas Sgt Murphy, Gordon B. Cpl Murphy, John J. S/Sgt Murray, Thomas F. S/Sgt Murto, Russell E. 2Lt Myer, Harold C. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Myers, Ralph D. Pvt Myfelt, George B. Cpl N    
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Naftel, Stacy D. 2Lt Pilot Nance. Roy C. Cpl Nausedas, Joseph V. S/Sgt Nava, Lucio P. Pvt Needham, William A. S/Sgt Nelson, Robert K. 2Lt Pilot KIA Nelson, Russell L. S/Sgt Gunner Newcomer, Charles E. Cpl Newlove, William C. 1Lt Provost Marshall Newman, Leo B. Cpl Armorer Nicholas, Allen B. Sgt Engineer-Gunner Nicholas, Walter U. 1Lt Pilot Nichols, William J. S/Sgt Radar Mechanic Nicholson, Halbert E. S/Sgt Nielsen, Christian P. Pfc Cryptographic Nielsen, Wesley D. 1Lt Nix, Franklin L. S/Sgt Gunner Noel, Bob F. S/Sgt Radio Maint. Nofzinger, Lester A. Cpl Armorer North, Lee E. F/O Northcutt, Norwood W. S/Sgt Novis, Rocco M. Cpl Novotny, Anton J. Pfc Noyes, John F. S/Sgt Nyberg, Arthur I. S/Sgt O    
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O'Brien, Arthur T. Cpl O'Connell, Patrick A. 1Lt Bombardier O'Dea, James L. S/Sgt O'Nan, Elroy W. 2Lt Pilot MIA O'Rouke, John P. S/Sgt Oakes, Frank M. T/Sgt Crew Chief Odisho, John M. Pfc Ogden, James D. S/Sgt Communications Olinghouse, John D. Cpl Orlowski, Clement F. M/Sgt Osterhout, James E. Cpl Armorer Ostrow, Leonard Sgt Owens, John R. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Owens, Lowell B. 1Lt Owensby, Carl W. Pfc Ownen, Robert H. Cpl Oxford, Dick E. T/Sgt Intelligence Ozard, Clifford C. S/Sgt P    
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Pacocha, Edward T/Sgt Turret & Gunsight Page, Nelson F. Pfc Panetti, Arthur J. 1Lt Orndance Ofcr. Pandelly, Peter Sgt Pape, Joseph A. 1Lt Navigator Parken, John E. S/Sgt Parker, Harry F. Pfc Parker, William A. Cpl Parker, William H. Cpl Parkinson, Ted J. Cpl Parr, Alton E. S/Sgt Mess Sergeant Parsons, LeRoy B. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Pascoe, Colvin P. Cpl Photo-Gunner Pastorelli, Alfred Pfc Ordnance Paternak, Dewey S/Sgt Paterson, Edward Cpl Electrician Patterson, Erik S/Sgt Patterson, George E. S/Sgt Paulsen, Leo G. Cpl Pawlowski, Alfred J. Sgt Payne, Everett Sgt Payne, Word H. Jr. 1Lt Pilot Pearson, Raymond W. F/O Pilot Pennau, John A. 1Lt Bombardier Pennington, John A. 1Lt Pilot KIA Peppeard, Harold E. S/Sgt Perdue, John W. Capt Pilot Perkins, Earl F. T/Sgt Perls, Richard J. Sgt Perras, Harvey J. Pvt Perry, Anthony J. Pvt Peter, Frank M. Cpl Intelligence Peterson, G.S. Capt Pilot MIA Peterson, Oscar A. 1Lt Peterson, William S. Pvt Petree, John C. 1Lt Pilot Petri, Francis R. 2Lt Navigator Petrosi, William E. Pvt Pew, James W. Cpl Pezent, James F. Pvt Pharoah, William J. Cpl Phelps, Frederick B. Sgt Engineer-Gunner MIA Philbrick, John D. 1Lt Pilot Philips, Andrew V. Sgt Phillips, Garland P. Sgt Philpott, James A. Major Pilot / C.O. Pierpont, Walter J. 1Lt Pilot Pietkiewicz, Eugene R. Sgt OPerations Clerk Pitmon, Clyde L. Pvt Placanico, Tony J. Pfc Plagens, Robert L. 1Lt Navigator KIA Platt, John M. 1Lt Playes, Irvin G. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner MIA Plunkett, William B. 1Lt Pilot MIA Poister, John J. Cpl Clerk/Typist Poland, Joseph M. Pfc Pollard, Julian S. M/Sgt Armament Polyn, William S/Sgt Pomphrey, John W. Sgt MIA Pond, Lyman R. Jr. S/Sgt Popov, Nicholas Pvt Poppino, Riley S. Cpl Popowich, Andrew T/Sgt Gunner Posey, Francis M. Sgt Radio-Gunner Potter, Stanley A. S/Sgt Pottorff, Almon M. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Potwine, Francis H. 2Lt Pilot KIA Powell, Charles F. 1Lt Pilot Powers, Fred H. Sgt Price, Teller S. 1Lt Pilot Proctor, Clark A. 1Lt Proper, Mason O. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Provost, Francis D. Sgt Gunner Pryor, Raymond G S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner MIA Puffenberger, John A. Pfc Puk, Matthew S. Sgt Ordnance Purgatorio, James M. Sgt Pusty, Edward J. Cpl Putnam, Ernest R. Pfc Pyle, Joseph L. Jr. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Q    
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Qually, Carmen M. Sgt Quigley, Earl W. Cpl KIA Quinlan, Thomas F. S/Sgt Operations Chief Quintard, Arthur M. S/Sgt R    
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Rademacher, John T. 1Lt Rafalski, William E. Pvt Transportation Rager, Harry W. Pvt Rago, Joseph D. S/Sgt Ragsch, Robert J. Sgt Raster, LeRoy E. Sgt Sheet Metal Rawlings, Henry W. S/Sgt Gunner Ray, Carl V. Pvt Raymond, Constantine Cpl Reagan, James H. Cpl Medic Reams, Charles E. T/Sgt Crew Chief Reddan, Charles W. 1Lt Reddish, Ernest J. S/Sgt Rediker, Gordon L S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Reed, Donald M. 1Lt Pilot Reifeis, Edward L. Cpl Reilly, John J. Pvt Reimann, Robert E. 2Lt Pilot Reiss, Jerome 1Lt Remsen, Donald 1Lt Reno, Roswell M. 2Lt MIA Renzi, Ronald T. Sgt Reyes, Gaspar T/Sgt Crew Chief Reynolds, Clarence E. 1Lt Pilot Reynolds, John T. 1Lt Pilot Reynolds, Judson B. Sgt Mechanic Reynolds, Sterlin M. 1Lt Pilot Richards, G. Owen 1Lt Pilot Richards, James E. 1Lt Pilot Richards, John M. Cpl Mechanic Richardson, Harold C. S/Sgt MIA Richardson, William E. S/Sgt Richmond, Charles G. Sgt Mechanic Riddell, Claude A. S/Sgt Riddell, Leonard C. S/Sgt Ridgell, James M. Capt Administration Riemer, David 1Lt Rigali, John L. 2Lt Pilot MIA Rigdon, William R. Sgt Mechanic Riggs, Ernest D. 2Lt Rinne, William H. Jr. S/Sgt Gunner KIA Riss, Henry J. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Rizzo, Joseph A. Sgt Radio-Gunner Roat, Thomas A. Pvt Roberts, Delbert F. 2Lt Ordnance Roberts, William R. 2Lt Robinson, Charles W. 2Lt Bombardier KIA, 25 Sep 43 Robinson, Maz B. Sgt Robinson, Norman C. Sgt Robinson, William A. S/Sgt Robison, Harry R. 1Lt Pilot Roby, Stuart D. Pvt Rochford, James J. Cpl Rockman, Dean S. S/Sgt Bombsite & Autopilot Roff, David N. Cpl Rogawski, Chester J. 1Lt Bombardier Rogers, George D. S/Sgt Rogers, Isaac S. Jr. Sgt Engineer-Gunner KIA Rolof, Herman H. Pfc Roper, Hugh M. F/O Pilot Rosa, Max Pfc Rose, Virgil C. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Rosenfeld, Donald F. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Rosenfeld, Julius L. Cpl Radio Mechanic Rosenhahn, Floyd J. S/Sgt Rosley, Wiley E. Cpl Ross, James T. Sgt Rossback, Francis T. Pvt Rossi, Cherubine J. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Roth, Joseph A. Cpl Rough, James R. Sgt Rouillird, Chester F. Cpl Radio-Gunner KIA Rubin, Seymour S. 1Lt Rudy, Burton B. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Ruggles, Wilfred T. Cpl Ruka, Clive S/Sgt Armament Rule, Willis J. Cpl Radio-Gunner MIA Rusche, Charles B. Cpl Gunner Russell, Austen H. 1Lt Pilot Russell, T. William Sgt Russell, William W. Sgt Ryan, Richard E. Pvt Ryder, Ray L. 1Lt S    
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Sabbagh, John W. 1Lt Bombardier Sackett, Samuel N. M/Sgt Flight Chief Safford, Norman L. Sgt KIA Sagan, Joseph Cpl Sage, Donald H. S/Sgt MIA Sakowski, Walter J. S/Sgt Salisbury, Donald L. Cpl Samples, James W. Sgt Armorer Sanders, Arthur C. Jr. 1Lt Pilot MIA Sanders, Harry L. S/Sgt Sandlin, Raymond L. S/Sgt Sano, William A. Pvt Santo, Andrew S/Sgt Sapp, Audley L. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Satterfield, Curtis L. Sgt Savage, Richard W. Pvt Schaible, Kenneth C. Capt Pilot Schaper, Joe R. 1Lt Scheckter, Abraham D. Cpl Ordnance Schembri, Gerald Cpl Cook Schenker, Murry H. Sgt Scherf, Joseph J. S/Sgt Schiffer, Ralph L. Sgt Schlaefer, Charles J. Sgt Schmidheini, Edwin C. Cpl Airplane Armorer Schneider, Joseph D. F/O Schnitzer, Arnold Sgt Schoals, Dale B. Cpl Schrader, Dick S. S/Sgt Schrader, John M. 1Lt Navigator MIA Schuessler, Ernest G. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Schulkink, Gilbert A. Sgt Schuse, Daniel R. S/Sgt Schwarz, Herbert 1Lt Pilot Schweinbraten, Norman J.Sgt Tail Gunner Scoff, William A. Pfc Ordnance Scott, Allen J. 1Lt Navigator Scott, Arthur F. 1Lt Intelligence KIA Scott, Daniel R. Jr. Pvt Scott, James L. Cpl Scott, W.C. S/Sgt Electrician Scull, William L. T/Sgt Sears, Andrew T. T/Sgt Seavery, Richard L. Sgt Seay, James B. S/Sgt Seiler, Frederick A. 1Lt Navigator MIA Senson, Bernard L. M/Sgt Severin, Chester N. 2Lt Severini, Louis J. Sgt Sexton, Walter G. S/Sgt Medic Shannon, James R. S/Sgt Crew Chief Sharp, Daniel B. S/Sgt Airplane Armorer Sharpe, Bill H. Cpl Shatinsky, Charles G. Pvt Shay, Harry A. T/Sgt Shay, Joseph B. 1Lt Shelburne, Harold K. S/Sgt Shelton, Eugene 1Lt Navigator Sheneman, Edwin A. Capt Pilot Sherman, Wesley T. S/Sgt Armorer Sherry, William B. F/O Pilot KIA, 25 Sep 43 Shivar, William H. 1Lt Bombardier Short, William H. Capt Bombardier Shotzberger,Clarence V Sgt Shroyer, Lynn O. Pvt Shugart, Kenneth D. Sgt Mechanic Sibert, Merle E. Cpl Sidney, Cedric T. Cpl Simpson, Donald D. Cpl Mechanic Simpson, Elwood P. Pfc Sims, Paul 1Lt Pilot Singer, Hyman Cpl Armament Skelin, Robert C. Cpl Skimin, Robert 1Lt Navigator Skinner, William W. 1Lt Skora, Walter F. Sgt Slahetka, Stephen Cpl Slater, Robert E. 1Lt Engineer Slaughter, James M. 1Lt Pilot Smillie, James B. 1Lt Pilot Smith, Arthur H. Pfc Armorer Smith, Charles Pvt Smith, Dibrell Pvt Fuel Supply Smith, Frank 1Lt Pilot KIA Smith, George F. 1Lt Pilot Smith, Hugh I. S/Sgt Smith, Jess H. Cpl Radio-Gunner KIA Smith, Kenneth B. S/Sgt Smith, Larry W. T/Sgt Smith, Paul J. 1Lt Bombardier Smith, Robert A. Cpl Armorer Smith, Tommy Cpl Smith, Vergil B. Pvt Smolowitz, Leo Pvt Ordnance Snavely, Jacob S. Cpl Snelling, William A. Cpl Armorer Snow, Bert C. 1Lt Pilot Snow, John M. S/Sgt Snow, Luther A. Pfc Truck Driver Snyder, George E. S/Sgt Snyder, Harold Sgt Eng-Gunner Missing, Admin. Flt. Snyder, Roberty E. S/Sgt Solomon, Bernard I. S/Sgt Southworth, Oswald O. Major Exec. Officer Missing, Admin. Flt. Sparth, Alexander C. S/Sgt Spears, Adrian E. Sgt Spence, James C. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Spielberg, Arnold M M/Sgt Electrician Springer, Joe B. S/Sgt Springer, Willie L. S/Sgt Transportation Squire, Andrew J. Capt Pilot MIA Srope, Jerdon C. Cpl Stacey, Albert J. S/Sgt Stahl, James F. Pvt Stanley, Arthur W. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner MIA Stanley, Dana P. S/Sgt Staples, Horace J. S/Sgt MIA Stark, Roy Pvt Starman, Jack D. Capt Dentist Staudt, Claude M. Sgt Sheet Metal Repair Stein, Frederick P. 1Lt Navigator Stellita, Anthony Pfc Stephens, William H. 1Lt Pilot KIA Stephensen, Andrew K. M/Sgt Line Chief Stern, Donald N. Cpl Stettner, Max M. 1Lt Stevens, David A. Cpl Stevenson, Arnold R. Pvt Stewart, Clayton B. Jr. 2Lt Stewart, Dwight K. F/O Stewart, Glenn L. Sgt Stewart, Paul M. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner KIA Stine, Lawson P. T/Sgt Stocklas, Joseph J. S/Sgt Stom, Franklin J. 1Lt Navigator MIA Stone, James H. Sgt Stone, Robert L.W. 2Lt Pilot Stonebarger, Gene B. Sgt Armorer Stonebraker, Ernest D. Pfc Storey, Jack E. T/Sgt Strosnider, John T/Sgt Stultz, Eldon L. 1Lt Sublette, Hubert W. Pvt Ordnance Suggs, Myrle B. Cpl Sullivan, John F. 2Lt Pilot KIA, 25 Sep 43 Summerlin, Tom Jr. Sgt Summers, Robert L. S/Sgt Gunner Sumtion, William L. 2Lt Sutphen, Harry S. Capt Pilot MIA Sutton, Cecil M. Cpl Swem, John L.II Pfc Armorer Swirk, Joseph B. Cpl Swirsku, Jacob M. Cpl Swofford, Otto L. S/Sgt Gunner Sylvernale, Robert L. 2Lt Navigator MIA Szabo, Gabor C. 1Lt Ordnance Ofcr. Szczygiel, Stanley F. S/Sgt T    
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Tabor, Donald J. Pfc Tafoya, Tony D. Cpl Maintenance Tamulonis, Clarence J. S/Sgt Taranto, Frank Cpl Taylor, Eugene P. Pfc Taylor, Everette 1Lt Taylor, Kenneth T. Sgt Taylor, Paul F. 1Lt Pilot Teasley, Joel H. 1Lt Navigator Temperate, Carl J. Sgt Armorer-Gunner KIA Tengler, Edward L Maj Pilot & C.O. Tennison, Melvin Cpl Terrell, Thomas J. Sgt Terris, Jerome S/Sgt Tessier, Ernest A F/O Theiler, John J. Pfc Theis, Henry C 1Lt Pilot Theriot, John M. Sgt Thomas, Charles H. Sgt Thomas, Cornelius S. M/Sgt Thompson, Leslie L. Sgt Thomson, John Capt Navigator Thorn, Donald E. 2Lt Pilot MIA Tillery, John B. Pvt Tilley, William E. Cpl Tirado, Rinaldo Sgt Tischendoff, Earl P. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Tjaden, Delmer C. S/Sgt Crew Chief Toomey, John T. Pfc Supply Townsend, George Cpl Airplane Armorer Trackman, Robert M. 2Lt Transou, Turner R. Cpl Trawick, William A. S/Sgt Supply Treat, Joseph W. Cpl Trombley, Malcolm H. Pvt Trotter, Ward L. T/Sgt Troup, Duane H. 2LT Trower, Robert E. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Turkington, Albert E. S/Sgt Tuttle, Roy Sgt Gunner MIA Twildahl, Albert E. T/Sgt Tyndall, William C. F/O Pilot Tyson, Carl F. Sgt Tyson, Leonard Pvt Sheet Metal U    
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No names beginning with "U" V    
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Valaskovic, Edward T. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Vale, Harry M. Jr. 2Lt Vanrant, Adolph M. S/Sgt Van Schaick, Perry F. 2Lt Bombardier MIA Van Wart, Paul M. Sgt Gunner KIA Vaughn, Fauster L. M/Sgt Bombsight Mechanic Vaughn, Lincoln C. 1Lt Navigator Vedder, Dan E. F/O Venable, Leo E. Cpl Vergo, Peter J. Pfc Truck Driver Vernon, Robert J. Pvt Armorer Verutti, Valance C. 1Lt Pilot Villareal, Jose Sgt Vogt, Earl H. Cpl Armorer Volk, Donald J. 1Lt Navigator Volk, Irwin J. F/O W    
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Wadsworth, John H. Capt Flight Surgeon Wagner, Charles W. Sgt Waichunas, Peter A. Sgt Wakeland, Raymond H. 1Lt Pilot Walker, George H. S/Sgt Walker, Oval Jr. F/O Navigator Wallace, Tommy A. Pvt Wallace, William J. F/O Navigator Walsh, John T. Cpl Walsh, Joseph E. S/Sgt Walter, Fred Sgt Walters, Hobart S. S/Sgt Crew Chief Warecki, Alphonse P. S/Sgt Warren, Lewis G. Jr. 1Lt Navigator Warwick, Allan J. 1Lt Waryas, William J. Pvt Weatherly, Edison C. Capt Pilot Weaver, Howard S. 1Lt Pilot Weber, Albert A. 1Lt Weber, Christopher J. Sgt KIA Weber, Gerald M. S/Sgt Weber, Wesley D. 1Lt Webster, Bruce M. Sgt Radio-Gunner Wedge, Charles F. Pvt Weeks, Norman Pvt Engineer-Gunner Wegner, Donald P. 1Lt Pilot Weitzel, Ferdinand J. S/Sgt Welch, Norton J. Pvt Transportation Weldon, Luiss J. Cpl Welsbacher, Gerald L. Cpl Gunner MIA Welty, Ralph M. Capt Pilot Wenzel, Frank B. Sgt Wesolowski, Francis S. S/Sgt West, Edward E. S/Sgt Radio Oper. West, Horace E. Sgt Radio-Gunner West, James R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner West, Troy L. Pfc West, Walter H. Sgt Wheeler, Ira F. Jr. T/Sgt White, Elmer L. Sgt White, Rollin H. Capt Pilot Wichmann, Robert F. 2Lt Navigator KIA Wightman, Albert A. Pvt Wilburn, Paul R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner MIA Willett, Nicholas H. Sgt Willi, George 2Lt Williams, Charles Jr. S/Sgt Photo Williams, Ernest D. Sgt Williams, Gordon E. Cpl Truck Driver Williams, James C. S/Sgt Williams, James H. Capt Chaplain Williams, Lawrence E. 1Lt Navigator Wilson, Duane A. 1Lt Bombardier Wilson, Joseph B. Cpl KIA Wilson, Leslie T. S/Sgt Wink, Robert A. 1Lt Winningham, Charles P. S/Sgt Winters, Thomas O. Pvt Ordnance Wishart, George L. Cpl Wold, John T. S/Sgt Gunner Wonnell, Robert E. 2Lt Pilot MIA Wood, Branson L. 1Lt Pilot Wood, Dalton W. M/Sgt Crew Chief Wood, James Cpl Wood, Omer J. Jr. Cpl Woodruff, Leroy O. Sgt Woolsey, Kenneth J. Cpl Woropay, Stanley F. Sgt Wright, Charles Pfc Wright, Charles F. Pvt Wright, Donald C. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner MIA Wright, Edwin P. S/Sgt Wright, Fred F. S/Sgt Radio-Gunner Wright, Roy L. Jr. Cpl Wright, Walter M. S/Sgt X    
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No names beginning with "X" Y    
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Yadon, Laurence J. M/Sgt Yahoves, Stanley J. S/Sgt Young, Bernard Sgt Young, Earl R. T/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Z    
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Zaiontz, Stanley J. Jr. Cpl Radio-Gunner MIA Zajac, Stanley G. S/Sgt Zammillo, Francis J 1Lt Zannoni, Henri Pvt Zanon, Leonard J. Pvt Zaorski, Carl J. Sgt Zeidler, William X. 1Lt Navigator Ziegler, Robert J. S/Sgt Ziemba, Sigmund T. Sgt Zinga, Frank P. Sgt Gunner KIA Zirkle, Phillip R. S/Sgt Engineer-Gunner Zrillic, Frank T/Sgt Zych, Adam J. Sgt Zaiontz, Stanley J. Jr. Cpl MIA Ziemba, Sigmund T. Sgt Zinga, Frank P. Sgt KIA Zirkle, Phillip R. S/Sgt    
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