Against The Rising Sun
- Life and Times of the 341st Bomb Group (M) -
"Preserving the memory of their Sacrifices!"

From The Collection Of
Edwin C. 'Ed' Schmidheini
( 490th Bomb Squadron )
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Click here to read some information Ed shared with us when we first learned of each other.

'No. 810', Ed's plane, at Warazup, Burma.   This photo was taken just after a 750 hr engine change. At that time the aircraft had 116 missions and 8 bridges to its credit!
(Courtesy of 'Ed' Schmidheini - 490th Bomb Squadron )

  An airplane also suffers from combat fatigue and on 17 Sept. 1944, after flying over 724 hours, "768" was modified at Warazup, Burma. Made into an administrative aircraft she was tasked to fly all types of non-combat missions, ferrying supplies and carrying troops to rest camps.

  The aircraft with the large skull and wings design on the nose made the trip to China with the squadron, but on 2 July 1945, the odds finally caught up with her. Captain Edward L. Tengler, Commanding Officer, flew 768 to take a crew to the advanced echelon base at Slam, but the wheels could not be lowered for landing.   Click here for the story and photos of what happened when they returned to the home base at Hanchung, China.
(Courtesy of 'Ed' Schmidheini - 490th Bomb Squadron )

And, we have Ed Schmidheini doing 'the tourist thing' on a street in Calcutta in 1944, while on some deserved R & R.
(Courtesy of 'Ed' Schmidheini - 490th Bomb Squadron )

A clipping from a 1944 issue of "CBI Roundup" highlighting 490th successful efforts on bridges along the Peiping-Hankow railway.
(Courtesy of 'Ed' Schmidheini - 490th Bomb Squadron )

Ed Shcmidheini (armorer) in front of a 490th plane at Hanchung, China, spring of 1945.
(Courtesy of 'Ed' Schmidheini - 490th Bomb Squadron )

The 490th emblem, worn as a "morale patch" by the 490th Missile Squadron, Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana in tribute to the veterans of the 490th Bomb Squadron.
(Courtesy of 'Ed' Schmidheini - 490th Bomb Squadron )

The static display, representing a 490th B-25J, at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana. This photo taken during the 490th Bm Sqd Reunion at Malmstrom.
(Courtesy of 'Ed' Schmidheini - 490th Bomb Squadron )

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