-- Life and Times of the 341st Bomb Group --
"Preserving the memory of their sacrifices!"


     The following books and periodicals provide information related to the 341st Bomb Group, its Squadrons, aircraft, and personnel during their assigment in the China-Burma-India Theater of War II.

  • Eagles, Bulldogs & Tigers - History of the 22nd Bomb Squadron in China-Burma-India
    by 22nd Bomb Squadron Association,© 1997
    published by 22nd Bomb Squadron Association, Inc.

  • THE SAGA OF THE 490TH BOMBARDMENT SQUADRON - An Epic of Combat Aviation
    50th Anniversary of the end of WWII. By John J. Poister

    By Howard F. Bell, © 1975; typed copies self-distributed.

  • The Burma Bridge Busters
    By Howard F. Bell & Anthony Strotman, 2005;
    published by Book Surge, LLC.

  • Diary of a Bomb Squadron - A Tribute to 1080 Young Men
    Chronicles of the 491st Bomb Squadron, transcribed by McKay H. Nelson, 1996
    published by Rollographics, Inc.

  • The Record - The Eleventh Bombardment Squadron (M)
    composed from official records and photos by men of the Squadron in 1945.

  • Rebirth of a Squadron, World War II
    composed in 1987 from official WWII records and photos of the 22nd Bm Sq (M),
    by veterans Richard C. Babb & Theodore H. Kratske

  • Chennault's Forgotten Warriors: Saga of the 308th Bomb Group
    by Carrol V. Glines, 1995
    published by Schiffer Publishing Limited

  • General Chennault's Secret Weapon: The B-24 in China:
    based on the diary and notes of Capt. Elmer E. Haynes

    by A. B. Feur, 1992
    published by Praeger Publications

  • "Eagles, Bulldogs & Tigers"
    22nd Bomb Squadron Association Newsletter, editor & Secy-Treasurer: Dave Hayward

  • "490th Flyer"
    490th Bomb Squadron Newsletter Editor Joe Barrett

  • "Jing Bao Journal"
    Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force Association Newsletter

  • The Doolittle Raid
    by Carroll V. Glines,  1988,
    published by Orion div of Crown Publishers.

  • Target Tokyo
    by James M. Merrill,  1964,
    published by Rand McNAlly & Company.

  • Fire and Fall Back - Casey Vincent's Story
    by Glenn E. McClure, 1975,
    (Library of Congress Catalog Number, 75-5199)
    Published by Barnes Press

  • Tigers Over Asia
    by Bernard Nalty, 1978
    Published by Talisman/Parish Books, Inc.

  • Days of the Ching Pao - A Photographic Record of the Flying Tigers-14th Air Force in China In World War II
    by Malcolm Rosholt, 1978
    published by Rosholt House II

  • Into The Teeth of The Tiger
    by Donald S. Lopez, 1997
    published by Smithsonian Institution Press

  • God Is My Copilot
    by Robert L. Scott, Jr., 1943
    published by Blue Ribbon Books

  • Warriors Who Ride The Wind - Flying Tigers…14th Air Force…
    By William F.X. Band, 1993  
    Published by Castle Books of Memphis

  • Confusion Beyond Imagination
    by William Boyd Sinclair,
    Ten volumes on China-Burma-India in World War II
    published 1986 by Joe F. Whitley

  • Strangers in Their Land - CBI Bombardier, 1939-1945
    by Thurzal Q. Terry, 1992
    published by Sunflower University Press

  • The Victory Era - in Color!
    by Jeffery Ethell, 1994
    published by Reiman Pulications, L.P.

  • Air Force Combat Units of World War II
    Maurer Maurer, 1983
    published by Air Force Historical Research Agency.

  • Combat Squadrons of the Air Force, World War II
    Maurer Maurer, 1983
    published by Air Force Historical Research Agency.

  • The HUMP - The Great Military Airlift
    By Bliss K. Thorne, 1965
    Published by J. B. Lippincott Co.

  • WINGS OF WAR: Fighting WWII in the Air
    by Jeffery Ethell, 1994
    published by Naval Institute Press

  • Pacific War Eagles China-Pacific Aerial Conflict in Original Color
    by Jeffrey Ethell and Warren M. Brodie, 1997
    published by Widewing Publications

If you would like to learn more about the aircraft, and the units
which operated them, we recommend the following books:

  • B-25 Mitchell: The Magnificent Medium
    by N.L. Avery, 1992
    published by PHALANX.

  • Warbird History; B-25 Mitchell
    by Steve Pace, 1994
    published by Motorbook International.

  • B-25 Mitchell - In Action
    by Ernest R. McDowell, 1992
    published by Squadron/Signal Publications, Inc.

  • Walk Around B-25 Mitchell (Walk Around #12)
    by Lou Drendel, 1997
    published by Squadron/Signal Publications, Inc.

  • Deadly Duo - The B-25 and B-26 In WW-II
    by Charles A. Mendenhall, 1981
    published by Specialty Press & Wholesalers, Inc.

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