Photo's and text of Willard G. Mumford's Jacket
from "American Flight Jackets, Airmen and Aircraft"
reproduced here with permission of authors Jon Maguire and John Conway

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Back of Lt. W.G.Mumford's Jacket:
Note Camel Mission Scoreboard painted on the back of Mumford's A-2 Jacket, representing 75 trips over the hump, and the leather American Chinese blood chit.
Jacket Back
Front View of Lt. W.G.Mumford's Jacket :
Note the patches on either side of the breast.
Jacket Front
Left Shoulder Patch of Lt. W.G.Mumford's Jacket :
A leather C.B.I. Patch (China-Burma-India), is sewn in place.
Left Sleeve
Right Shoulder Patch of Lt. W.G.Mumford's Jacket :
A leather A.A.F. patch is sewn in place.
Right Sleeve
Right Brest Patch of Lt. W.G.Mumford's Jacket :
Detail of unidentified unit insignia sewn to the right brest of the jacket.
Right Brest Patch
Left Breast Patch of Lt. W.G.Mumford's Jacket :
Leather name and wing over novelty version of the A.T.C patch (which features a reclining nude with her legs raised at a 90 degree angle on the left breast of Mumford's jacket.
Left Brest Patch
Willard up on the tail of the C-47 when he made his last trip to China. :
The flight was to a P-38 base on the Indo-China border. He got hit by lightning and it blew out all of his engine instruments. He stayed over until they could bring a new set of instruments and install them before he'd "fly that dog back to Burma!"
Willard recalls those days :
"I was flying copilot in C-46s in North Africa. I am not completely sure when or where it was taken, may have been over Africa, the Middle East or the Persian Gulf. It shows I was a dumb young kid, smoking cigarettes!"
Bill in Santa Barbra with his lovely wife, Pat. :
He boasted to us of their 3 children and several grand-children. Prior to his passing on 28 Sep 2000, Bill could be found surfing the Internet with as much enthusiasm as he showed during his younger days.

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