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Unless otherwise indicated images are from Eugene T. Wozniak collection.

Many of these photos were not annotated, so we did the best we could.
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1944 Chrismas Choir on stage, with leader standing on bench in front and accompanyist far right.  Decorated Christmas trees on either side of the stage, and overhead banner reading 'Gloria In Excelsis Deo.

Christmas Chorale in The LAST RESORT, December 1944. The choir, all assigned at Yangkai includes officers, enlisted men, a Chinese nurse, and a Flying Nurse hidden behind and to her left.

(Eugene T. Wozniak collection, courtesy of his nephew, Ken Easdon.)

Local talent shows were conducted at least quarterly in The LAST RESORT. These guitarists are unidentified

Standing Room only

A pre-show announcement by Schwitzer.  The other man is thought to be S/Sgt Murrey Bogel, an armorer-gunner in 491st Bm Sq.  (Unfortunately, Barbara couldn't remember Schiwtzer's first name or unit, nor which show was being introduced.  Based on the tone of the photo image it is quite possible he was introducing the "Minstrel Show."

(Barbara Vatter's collection; courtesy of her son, Rob.)

The "Entertainment Performance Unit" (E.P.U) established by Capt. Melvyn Douglas, noted former screen actor then serving as Special Services for the China Burma India theater.  When it became obvious that professional entertainment would be lacking in the CBO, he organized the E.P.U., recruited talent within the CBI.  Many former professional entertainers were among the members of the E.P.U. who volunteered to replace civilian entertainment and then performed in every sweat box and mosquito trap within the Theater.  Not only variety shows, but regular full-length plays were among the varied entertainment offered by the E.P.U. 

Promoted to Major, Douglas was in the U.S. when V-J Day arrived, recruiting more talent.  He never returned to Eastern Asia, however, the E.P.U. continued to function up to the closing of the India-Burma Theater in April 1946.

There is "Standing Room Only" in the theater of the 'LAST RESORT' for what appears to be a "Minstrel Show." Perhaps it was put on by men assigned to Yangkai Air Base at the time, or by others from across the CBI theater.   Can you give us more information??

(Barbara Vatter's collection; courtesy of her son, Rob.)

'Welcome Artillery' says the sign at rear of the stage.

"Welcome Artillery", says the banner at the rear of the stage.   Perhaps this show was performed by the airmen? Or, perhaps they did it for the Army artillerymen?   Can you give us more information??

(Barbara Vatter's collection; courtesy of her son, Rob.)

A closer view of one of the performers in the 'Minstrel Show.'   Can you tell us who??

(Barbara Vatter's collection; courtesy of her son, Rob.)

A 'minstrel' singer.

Our final picture of the "Minstrel Show!"   We don't know if this is the beginning, the middle, or the end!   Can you provide more information??

(Barbara Vatter's collection; courtesy of her son, Rob.)

Cover of booklet declaring; USO Camp Shows Guide - 'MINSTREL SHOWS, distributed by Army Special Services.

Whether this show was performed by an E.P.U. troupe or locally assigned men, it was probably based on the USO Camp Shows guide book distributed by Special Services.

Another booklet Special Services distributed was "A Humourous Quiz Book."  It contained snappy and humorous one-line responses to lead in questions.

USO Camp ShowsUSO Camp Shows