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USO Camp Show #269

Penny Bancroft
Rose Marie Volin
Georgia Lloyd
Ann MacQuarrie
Patricia Flynn
Gigi Gilpin

Unless otherwise indicated images are from Eugene T. Wozniak collection; none of which were annotated.  We did the best we can to identify places, people and circumstances, however, if you can provide more accurate information PLEASE email us!
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The entertainment presented by USO Camp Show 269, "Girls! Girls! Girls!" featured songs from Oklahoma, although the men knew very few of the songs they enjoyed the show.  The girls were accompanied by a CBI  E.P.U. with an MC and several talented young men who provided instrumental backup and interludes, as well as comedy skits.  Miss Penny Bancroft became ill just hours before the group departed for Yangkai, and was absent from their performance in The LAST RESORT.

Five of the "girls" of the All Girl Revue shortly after their arrival at Yangkai, China: Rose Marie Volin, Georgia Lloyd, Ann MacQuarrie, Patricia Flynn, and Gigi Gilpin

The MC introduces Miss Rose Marie Volin...

...then, following her performance, assists her departure from the stage.

Gigi Gilpin dramatizes her dance.

Patricia Flynn and Georgia Lloyd perform a skit.

Georgia Lloyd and Patricia Flynn, as well as the band, appear humorously shocked at a Yangkai serviceman puts a major kiss on Ann McQuarrie.

With the band's rapt attention, Gigi Gilpin and Miss Lloyd conduct test of local G.I.'s chemical-biological defense equipment.

After involving a couple more Yangkai men in skits, the two now seem to be exchanging quips with the audience.

At some point(s) in the show, the band and other service members E.P.U. accompanying the "Girls! Girls! Girls!" troupe provided follies-type entertainment, as individuals and groups.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to identify any of the men  in the following images of their performances.

The men provided musical interludes between acts as well as participating in some of the skits.

The previously noted "A Humourous Quiz Book." provided dozens of comedic question-answer anecdotes, and perhaps was used by either the Master of Ceremonies (MC) or the apparent comic and strangely dressed men in other segments of the show.

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