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When not otherwise indicated images are from collection of Barbara 'Boots' Vatter Pettingell.

We did the best we could in annotating these photos, if you can provide more accurate information PLEASE email us!
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Tall, young Chinese man in white traditional coat and pants stands to the left of Barabara Vatter dressed in loose, dark slacks; darker open, button-front, long sleeve sweater over a horizonatlly striped, light and dark, t-shirt; and light colored, low-heeled shoes.

Barbara Vatter, in 'civies', and a Chinese house boy in the entry way.  Note the clear, flexible covering and wood contruction on the doors.

Babs Vatter playing tennis

And what is a "recreation center" supposed to provide?   Recreation, of course!   Here Barbara Vatter demonstrates her tennis skills on that 'clay court' the men built.

Boots a shooting

Barbara Vatter on a walk near Yangkai, China; packing her French-made .22 cal pistol on her left side.

l-r; Phylliss Dolloff, SSgt Robert Thompson, Amamh 'Matilda' and 'Babs' Vatter

Looks like S/Sgt Robert C. Thompson, engineer-gunner with the 491st Bm Sq, was trying to give the ladies a little 'technical help' with the laundry.  Phyllis Dollof on the left, Barbara Vatter on the right, and the lady in the middle is Amah, nicknamed "Matilda."  Amah was 'house maid' for the clinic as well as for Boots and Phyllis.

SSgt Bob Ayala, 490th BS, Barbara Vater, A.R.C., hunting

'Boots' Vatter and TSgt Robert Ayala, HQ 341st Bm Gp, appear to be taking a break while on a hunting trip.   We're not sure hunting was sponsored by the 'rec center', but it is recreational!

Lt Russ Wright, navigator, 373rd Bm Sq

Lt Leon 'Russ' Wright, a navigator with 373rd Bomb Squadron.  Russ was instrumental in getting many men of the 373rd to help build the clay tennis court for the rec center.  And, according to 'Boots', spent a lot of non-flying time playing tennis!

Official A.R.C. photo of Phyllis Dollof.

Phyllis Dollof's Official American Red Cross photo.

Phyllis Dolloff, A.R.C. nurse, Yangkai, China

We know this is Phyllis Dolloff, because 'Boots' Vatter was her roommate in 'C-1' barracks, and she says it is so!

Phyllis Dollof sits on a stack of bomb casings.

Ed had failed to note who this A.R.C. nurse perched atop the unusual 'park bench' is.  We believe it is Phyllis Dolloff.

(F. E. 'Ed' Strotman, 491st Bm. Sq., collection)

A Red Cross worker enjoys a nice spring 1945 day as she strolls down the path from the hostel area on 'Red Dust Hill' at Yangkai.  Uncertain if this is Phylis or Betty Ringland.

(Eugene T. Wozniak, 491st Bm. Sq., collection)

Eileen Denney and Betty Ringland stand on each side of a roving food vendor with walking stick in his right hand; all facing camera.  He holds buckets of rice and a plate in left hand, had has carry sacks with unidentifiable objects on his back and chest.

ARC service workers Eileen Denny and Betty Ringland pose with roving food vendor and a villager on road through Yangkai village. An unidentified serviceman stands behind Eileen.

(F. E. 'Ed' Strotman, 491st Bm. Sq., collection)

Betty Ringland, is either doing her laundry or cleaning mess kit.
(Eugene T. Wozniak, 491st Bm. Sq., collection)

Betty Ringland poses with the recently assigned Red Cross vehicle, an alcohol burning, Russian built truck.

(Eugene T. Wozniak, 491st Bm. Sq., collection)

Studio photo close-up of Eileen Denny is A.R.C. volunteer uniform.

" Remember me" photo 'Ed' received from Eileen Denny, A.R.C. worker.  We are uncertain where there paths crossed, perhaps during his tour at Yangkai China, May 1944 - Jun 1945.

(F. E. 'Ed' Strotman, 491st Bm. Sq., collection)

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